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Since 1999, I've been producing, promoting, performing, and broadcasting music. Whether it be facilitating an annual multi-disciplinary music and arts festival, booking and promoting for local venues and institutions, performing live with a variety of groups, producing my own work, curating and assembling various mixes and compilations, or broadcasting as a volunteer with campus and community radio, music has been a constant and substantial part of my life.

As a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and curator, I've released upwards of 15 albums and EP's on various formats, toured throughout Canada, started my own music label, and have been part of several broadcasts throughout the UK.

I'm currently studying Radio Broadcasting at Fanshawe College and am, as of September, on the Board of Directors with London Fuse, helping with content curation.

Power Moves Label
A Souvenir - Triangulum (2001-2002)

Art is in the parts, the process and the totality. Set the levels, walk away. Let the machines gear down into the teeth of the inanimate - coursing blood through wire and capacitors, finding biology, compressing life from levers. Step back into the intelligence, oversee, observe, finalize the program with unique touch.

Ian Doig-Phaneuf and The mysterious workings of chance

Ian Doig-Phaneuf and The mysterious workings of chance Interview conducted by Jennifer Lorraine Fraser October 11 2013, I sat down with CHRW's radio host, A Person Disguised As People, Ian Doig-Phaneuf and discussed contemporary stylings of the avant garde in London, and in music in general, London's community of thinkers and doers, and how chance has led him into a career of sharing obscure musical tastes with our city.

An Interview with Ian Doig-Phaneuf

Ian Doig-Phaneuf is musical program director of LOLA but he has also been a core member of the bands 'The Riderless' and 'A Priori'. He has two solo projects 'A Souvenier' and 'A Person How did the music on this album come about? Where were you when you made this stuff?

Interview! Ian Doig-Phaneuf of The Riderless | Wavelength

Early arrivers will become early adopters at the Luyas record release at the Garrison on Wednesday, as you will be rewarded for your punctuality with a rare Toronto appearance by long-running London, Ontario ambient post-rock quintet, The Riderless . We chatted with core member and multi-instrumentalist Ian Doig-Phaneuf about improvisation, the London scene and multiple hat-wearing.

Do Make Say Think, Holy Fuck Lead LOLA Fest Lineup

The third annual London Ontario Live Arts Festival (LOLA, if you're hasty) is nearly upon us, bringing a cavalcade of Canadian talent and one musical act from across the border to Victoria Park and other London, Ontario hotspots from September 18-21.


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the riderless

The full riderless discography is available at Bandcamp.

Review: A Souvenir- Memoriae 2001-2005

Music is one of the few commodities that has gotten less expensive and less valuable as time goes on. I can't think of anything else that has gotten cheaper in the past 10 years other than music. Artists practically have to beg for you to pay for an album.

London Ontario Live Arts Festival

This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page . The London Ontario Live Arts Festival also known as LOLA fest, took place every year in London, Ontario Canada, the third week of September, in its downtown core from 2007 to 2010.

Forest City Series is the sound of London, Ontario's burgeoning electronic underground | Chart...

On October 31, Forest City Series Vol. 1 drops. It's a collection of new tracks by electronic musicians from London, Ontario compiled by Ian Doig-Phaneuf (formerly of 94.9 CHRW's program A Person Disguised as People). You'll find already emerging names like You'll Never Get To Heaven and Wormwood (read their UNCHARTED here) with mostly brand new upstarts in the release's twelve tracks.

A Doig day afternoon

Do you know him? Have you heard his hushed proclamations over the air waves swaying you to listen to more intricately layered sounds, melodies and rhythm as you hold your hand on the key to turn off your car, but find yourself unable? He is A Person Disguised As People.