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Having contributed to three websites and an award winning newspaper, I have strong experience in writing and proofreading articles to a high standard. I am also capable of writing in a variety of forms including press releases, blog posts and social media posts. I am a driven individual who aims to pursue a career as a journalist.


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A Force for Cohesion; Speaking to the Minister of Defence

The Minister of Defence Rt Hon Earl Howe visited various religious establishments around Birmingham with the intention of promoting cohesion and understanding between the armed forces and local Muslim, Hindu and Sikh communities. The day was also used to raise awareness of careers in defence.

The Asian Today Online
A Five Year Journey

In August 2011 Britain was on television screens around the world when the country exploded into several days of rioting. Looting, fighting, arson, vandalism and even death occurred in a month of violence and disarray. The timeline is as follows: On Thursday 4th August 2011 29-year-old Mark Duggan from Tottenham was shot dead by police ...

The Asian Today Online
Be Clear on Cancer: Symptoms to Spot

The Asian Today had the privilege of meeting Inderjit Singh and the Be Clear on Cancer team at Bullring, Birmingham Shopping Centre on Wednesday 17th August. The roadshow, part of a new Public Health England campaign, is held to raise awareness that a persistent cough, or getting out of breath doing everyday things such as ...

The Asian Today Online
Right to Sex, No Right to Life

Honour. What does it really mean? Common definitions include 'high respect,' 'held in great esteem' or 'the knowledge of what is morally right'. Sexuality? What does it really mean? Common definitions include 'the capacity for sexual feelings,' 'a person's sexual orientation' or 'sexual activity.' Is it possible to be an honourable person who is not ...

The Asian Today Online
Is Mother's Day Necessary?

An Alternative Celebration Mothers Day is just around the corner, a day to honour the women who gave us life and to make them feel special. Time to crank out our credit cards and wallets to purchase the flowers, chocolates, greeting cards and gifts whilst our mothers lift their feet and lay in leisure for ...

The Asian Today Online
Who is Malala Yousafzai?

A Heroic Advocate or A Traitorous Puppet? Inspirational, courageous, heroic, advocate. Here are written accolades of adoration showered upon Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenager campaigning for the education and empowerment of girls. Since her rise to fame in 2012 Malala has ventured across the world stage speaking at prestigious forums such as Harvard ...

The Asian Today Online
The Ongoing Issue of Female Infanticide

With the recent case of a 7 year old girl buried alive in Uttar Pradesh, female infanticide is seen to be an ongoing problem in South Asia. Occurring in August, the girl was strangled before being buried in a shallow grave. She was eventually rescued by a nearby villager who found ...

Step Up International - Website

Step Up International
Would you respond To Physical Illness like this?

Sadly these common responses to mental health issues such as anxiety, depression or self harm are not the result of insensitivity but rather lack of understanding. Hospital trained-Chaplain Diane Weber Bederman condemns these kinds of reactions.

Can Drinking be classed as Self Harm

Self harming does not necessarily need to be physically painful, it can in fact occur without the individual knowing what they are doing to themselves. Ordinary behaviour such as over eating, smoking or working long hours can all help numb the pain an individual is going through.

Step Up International
Scarred On The Battlefield

"I didn't feel anything at the time. I couldn't. I was immersed in the normality of Afghanistan...But it's when you come home and you're re-immersed in the different normality of home, the cosiness of home life, that you can remember things differently.

Step Up International
Self harm in Black and Asian Communities

In terms of the Black community a recent study was carried out in three cities (Oxford, Derby and Manchester) and showed that young Black women are more likely to self harm than any other race. The rate displayed cases of 10.3 per 1,000 compared to 6.6 per 1,000 for the white population.

Step Up International
The Medical Profession And Self Harm

Feedback and reports have shown a lack of self harm awareness in the medical profession and subsequent negative mistreatment of individuals who self harm.

Step Up International
Self Harm in School

When you mention the term self harm today the public normally associates it with young people, particularly school children or teenagers. Whilst self harm is prevalent amongst young people, it also might appear that it is prolific in the education system! It is important therefore, to paint an accurate picture of self harm in schools.

Step Up International
What Is The Best Way To Support Someone Who Self Harms?

There is a myth that those who self harm are seeking attention; on the contrary, people who self harm are known to keep their actions private. Common reasons such as shame or fear prevent the individual from asking for help; this is why an important factor into supporting people who self harm is knowing how to support them.

EasternKicks - Film Review Website

A blind man's struggle in post war Lebanon to learn of his past in order to determine his future... Rabih (Barakat Jabbour) is a 24 year old blind man and skilled singer and musician. Living a quiet life in Lebanon with his devoted family, Rabih one day carries out the routine task of updating his passport.
Interview with Avid Liongoren and Charlene Sawit-Esguerra: Saving Sally

We behind-the-scenes with Saving Sally and over 10 years of film-making struggle... easternKicks recently reviewed the live-action animation Saving Sally, a charming love story set against the backdrop of a surreal, comic book world. This Filipino hit was the official entry into the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) and has received critical acclaim for its visual effects and artistry.
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

A spirited schoolgirl gains the power of time travel in a whimsical tale of love and friendship... Mamoru Hosoda is the brilliant mind behind some of the most creative, zany and emotive films rivalling the likes of Hayao Miyazaki and Makoto Shinkai.
Kubo and the Two Strings

Stop motion marvel about a young boy's heroic quest in 'olden Japan'. Cue samurai, demons and magical origami... 2016 was a great year for animated movies; Disney and Pixar managed to release smash hits such as Zootopia, Moana and Sing.
While They Watched

North Korea is exposed in this documentary as defectors and activists reveal the horrors of the nation and what difference we can make... North Korea has been a hotbed of controversy and endless source of fascination for many years. Accounts of human rights abuses, an unstable dictatorship and looming threat of nuclear weapons have kept the public glued to TV screens.
Kung Fury

Kung Fu. Hitler. Dinosaurs. Explosions. 80s cheese. A killer arcade machine... A cop who was struck by lightning and bitten by a Cobra has now become the chosen one known as Kung Fury.

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