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I am a content writer with six years of professional writing experience. I have worked in various industries including real estate, nonprofit, health and wellness, business and more. My writing experience includes newsletters, press releases, case studies, annual reports, blogs, emails, social media, advertising content and more.

Heimlich Heroes - Everyday Hero: Emilee Wertz

"I was working as a waitress when I saw a customer choking," said Emilee. "I was scared at first, but I was the closest person to her. I pulled her to the edge of the booth, held her close to my body, and performed the Heimlich Maneuver."

Heimlich Heroes - What To Do When You're Alone and Choking

Choking is a life-threatening event. Without the proper action serious consequences can occur. Heimlich Heroes™ trains people how to recognize, respond to and prevent a choking emergency. Our mission is to eliminate preventable choking deaths by preparing people for choking emergencies.

Keep Summer Fun and Safe for Kids

Posted By Heimlich Heroes Summertime is fun time for kids. It often means parks, pools, sports and friends. But even in the summer fun, emergencies can occur. To keep your kids safe this summer, you need to be prepared in any situation, and you should know the proper safety information and procedures for a variety of scenarios.

Babysitter Preparedness: 4 Things You Need to Know

Posted By Heimlich Heroes Babysitting is a great way for teens and young adults to make some extra money. When parents hire a sitter, they want to know their children are going to be safe and well taken care of.