Human Nature

How to be a Better Animal

We’ve messed up. Our Earth is in trouble. Human Nature is your guide to saving it.

In a thoughtful and witty reimagining of environmental rhetoric, Elliot Connor explores how recasting the human character could save our fellow animals. Illustrated with counting toads, gambling monkeys and Tinder-using rhinos, the narrative sets out to fill the gaps in our ecological IQ and to show how animals make us human.

Just how dumb were dinosaurs? What is the Loch Ness monster really? And which insect sting feels like a running hair dryer dropped into your bath? These important questions and more will be answered.

Did you know that war saved our whales, that playgrounds protect parrots or that crushing coral helps it grow? Conservation is chaotic, so Elliot Connor’s lively mix of anecdotes, historical tales and future forecasts provide fresh clarity.

A humbling and inspiring read, Human Nature reveals how nature shapes us and how we can help it in return. Understanding animals can unlock advances in quantum technology, a cure for cancer or even immortality. Slime mould can improve our transport routes without having a brain. Isn’t that worth reading about?