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Hugo Hodge

Freelance Journalist

Location icon Australia

Melbourne based freelance journalist

Currently studying a Bachelor of Journalism at RMIT

Previous placements: The Canberra Times, Australian Associated Press, ABS - CBN News, inkl


Audio & Visual

#BREAKING: The Podcast

The story of a podcast created by aspiring journalists on the cusp of new careers As journalism students, we cop a lot of flack for our chosen field of study. "Journalism!? Isn't that a dying industry?" "I guess you don't like having money or time, hey?" "Ha! Good luck getting a job!"

The City Journal
Episode 1 - Breaking In - The City Journal

'Breaking In' is the first episode of Breaking, a podcast by a group of young journalists looking at the industry they want to break into. Episode One looks at breaking into the industry: breaking into journalism, into the workplace, into life outside the uni bubble, into their futures.

The City Journal
Episode 2 - Breaking Boundaries - The City Journal

Breaking: The Podcast is back with its second episode, Breaking Boundaries, to explore the frontiers of the journalism industry. Join us as we take a look at the physical and technological boundaries we will face, or break through, in our future careers. Episode two is produced by Alana Beitz and Evan Young, joined by ...

The City Journal
Episode 3 - Breaking Bread - The City Journal

Aaand we're back for the third instalment of Breaking: The Podcast. Join hosts April Dudgeon and Richard Ferguson as they 'break bread' and attempt to unpick the different types of relationships that journalists share. Alana Christensen joins the conversation to discuss the varied ways that the Chelsea Bombing was reported on by different news outlets, while Evan Young tackles the ...

The City Journal
Episode 4 - Breaking a Sweat - The City Journal

Welcome to the fourth and final instalment of Breaking: The Podcast. This time we look at the concept of 'breaking a sweat' - pushing your limits in the newsroom and on the pitch. Sabrina Woodward investigates a darker side of journalism - the reporter's vice: alcohol in journalism.

The City Journal
Indigenous freedom fighters memorial at RMIT - The City Journal

On the January 20, 1842, two Indigenous freedom fighters, Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner became the first men officially executed in the Australian colony. Today, a memorial is under construction on the site of their public hanging on the corner of Franklin and Victoria streets. Hugo Hodge explores the significance of the unprecedented memorial and the controversial ...

Crumpler Photo Feature

The journey of a Crumpler bag - from prototyping at Crumpler HQ on Russell street to in store sales on Gertrude street

Print & Online

The Sydney Morning Herald
Budget 2016: Students welcome plans to scrap uni fee deregulation policy

Thomas Foster, 21 of Red Hill, Joshua Dundas 21 of Curtin, Tess Hemmings 22 of Ainslie, James Connolly 21 of Acton, and Tom Kesina 20 of Flynn. Photo: Jamila Toderas ANU vice-chancellor Brian Schmidt has expressed concern about federal funding cuts to higher education as students welcomed the government's decision to abandon its policy of university fee deregulation.

ABCs on ABC: Lessons from Australia's 'Aunty' for PTV4

MANILA - Presidential Communications Office (PCO) head Martin Andanar has signaled plans to transform government station People's Television Network (PTV4) and Philippine Broadcasting Service to replicate state broadcasting services such as the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) in the U.K. and Australian Broadcasting Corp. ( ABC) in Australia.

#APECHotties reunite, create buzz in short shorts

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto were photographed heading out together for a morning run in short shorts in Ottawa on Wednesday. The pair, who frequently make the shortlist for world's most attractive leaders, took a ceremonial jog ahead of the Three Amigos Summit in Ottawa.

Can PM Narendra Modi Make A Difference For India's Daughters?

By Hugo Hodge India's charismatic Prime Minister Narendra Modi could be a real game changer for India's downward trending economy. But can he address the gender inequality epidemic shrouding the pride of the world's largest democracy? India is a country on the move. And Narendra Modi has thus far shown himself to be a leader...

The Sydney Morning Herald
Sparrow Folk back home with new show

Comedy duo Sparrow Folk. Photo: Kurt Sneddon Acclaimed musical comedy duo Sparrow Folk have spread their wings since you last saw them. Trendy Canberra mums Juliet Moody and Catherine Crowley have returned to the nest in the bush capital after a string of successful shows in Perth, Adelaide and Sydney.

Nightclub bouncers in Melbourne - what they can and can't do

by Hugo Hodge | @Hugo_Hodge On a Friday night in Melbourne, soon after restaurants and cafes have shut their doors, a new drunk breed of patrons hit the streets. Accordingly, the hospitality industry changes its tune from a bend-over-backwards style of service to a hardline 'one warning and you're out' policy.

The City Journal
Digital diagnosis: internet users bypass doctors - The City Journal

A new app marketed as being "smarter than doctors" is allowing people to self-diagnose from the palm of their hand. The free app Ada invites users to list their symptoms to generate a predictive diagnosis, and then allows users to book a video consultation with a doctor.

Canberra Times
Fans dress the part for Andrometa cosplay and gaming festival in Belconnen

Anime aficionado Alexandra Purdey never thought she would get into cosplay. But when the 15-year-old from Braddon went to her first cosplay (costume play) convention - an event celebrating comics, anime, manga, sci-fi, fantasy and gaming - she was taken aback by the colourful community.

Canberra Times
Real time traffic information system coming to Canberra

A new, real time traffic information system being introduced to the ACT this year will use a mobile phone app and digital road signs to communicate travel times to drivers. The tools will inform drivers which roads are congested, allowing them to make decisions on the best route available, in the hope that it will more evenly balance the demand on Canberra's roads.

The Sydney Morning Herald
Canberra scientists discover starving cancer cells stops tumours

Dr Stefan Broer, from ANU Research School of Biology Photo: Stuart Hay Starving cancer cells of crucial nutrients can stop the growth of different types of tumours which could lead to new cancer treatments, scientists at ANU have found.

Canberra Times
Road safety Awareness launch

Drivers who use mobile phones behind the wheel will be the target of an intensified police campaign for the fourth annual Yellow Ribbon National Road Safety Week. The Chief Police Officer for the ACT, Rudi Lammers, launched the National Road Safety Week alongside Minister for Road Safety Shane Rattenbury in Ainslie Place on Monday.

Canberra Times
Donate blankets to charity in Canberra on Saturday, May 14

Old motorcycle jackets have "the thermal properties a homeless person will appreciate", says ACT politician Jayson Hinder who will ride alongside 300 motorcyclists for the 35th annual Motorcycle Riders' Association ACT blanket run. The motorcyclists will take off from Old Parliament House on Saturday morning in a motorcade around the city to raise awareness for Canberrans without a home this winter.

Canberra Times
Inside Canberra's new emergency department just for children

With tropical fish and colourful kookaburras splashed across the walls, the Canberra Hospital's new paediatric emergency department looks more like a daycare centre than a place for the sick. But from Tuesday, more than 15,000 of the ACT's youngest patients a year will have access to this family-friendly waiting, triage and treatment area away from the chaos of the general hospital.

The City Journal
Strengthening The Community Over A Meal - The City Journal

In the cultural melting pot that is Melbourne's inner north, something invaluable is happening on Thursday nights. A small gathering of new and old Australians are meeting at the Social Studio on Smith Street every week for an evening of wholesome food, music, friendship and cultural understanding.

The City Journal
Bill to end forced transgender divorce enters Vic parliament - The City Journal

Legislation introduced to Victorian parliament today aims to make it easier for gender non-binary people to change the sex on their birth certificate. Married transgender people will not have to divorce their same-sex partners to legally change their gender if the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Amendment Bill 2016 is passed.

Canberra Times
Senate committee recommends review of mandatory helmet laws

Helmet laws in Canberra are likely to be re-examined as part of a national review of safety, road rules and cycling participation rates. A senate committee has called for the Health and Infrastructure Departments to review the laws after the creation of a national data set to monitor injuries.

Canberra Times
Pegasus Riding for the Disabled ACT to hold open day on May 14

Like most little girls her age, Grace Tillott loves horses. On the mornings she has horse riding classes, her face lights up with a "big beaming smile". But for Grace, horse riding is much more than just a hobby, it's has also given her a new lease on life.

Canberra Times
Canberra weather: Clouds clearing for perfect end to autumn

You can hold off putting that extra doona on your bed for another week, Canberra. A series of warmer-than-usual nights and increasing sunshine are making for much milder autumn days than usually seen at this time of year in the capital, meteorologists have said. "Nights are not going to be particularly chilly throughout the next week.

The Australian

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