Hope Delongchamp

Heart Eyes Magazine / Issue 6
You Want Me To Journal?! A How-To Guide

It's important to create. It's important to breathe through what we make because that's what art is there to do.

Heart Eyes Magazine / Issue 5
Cuco: The West Coast's Newest Teenage Romantic

It would barely suffice to say that Cuco has had one hell of a year. From releasing his new album, songs4u, to headlining at sold-out shows...

It Never Really Leaves Us: The Canadian Indie Music Scene

By Hope Delongchamp Society today loves music; we crave it. The world of music in this day and age, specifically in the independent music scene, seems to be wildly popular in the Western world, notably in the US. However, the northern counterparts -- Canadian indie artists -- aren't given half of the appreciation that they...

Poptized Magazine
“Small Foreign Faction” by Haley Blais: Song Deconstruction and Thoughts

Haley Blais has been an artist that I have been following for some time now. A friend and I had found her YouTube channel one late night over a video about an experience cutting bangs at home. Haley had me at her sense of humour — and then I learned she was Canadian. I’m not the one for being overly patriotic, but there’s some kind of magic in knowing that someone else has gone through the experiences of Nanaimo bars, maple syrup and Justin Trudeau (which will date this article come a few...