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I am a creative copywriter with 5+ years' of experience. I've worked across a number of projects, from long read editorial features, social copy, agency case studies, websites, product copy, and OOH campaigns.

While my TOV is relaxed, humorous and to the point, I'm adaptable and can quickly pick up new styles.

A Push for Personalised Ads | Sketchbook | Fiora

Ads - They're a fundamental part of online exploration, whether you're wading through a swamp of unwanted suggestions or making pit stops at something more engaging. Time and time again even the simplest content has helped heighten brand awareness, increase traffic and in short, make money.

Medical nutrition supplier, Nualtra
Altrajuce: Juce Cow

I created all the website copy for Nualtra's new Altrajuce range. This included a detailed fake timeline of the fantasy herbivore, the Juce Cow, as well as the nutritional information needed to explain the range.

Advertising in Video Games |

Gaming has changed a lot over the last few generations. Aside from the obvious (mechanics, graphics, storyline), today's video game industry is now one of the fastest growing industries in the world, generating almost $135 billion in 2018 alone.

Food & Drink: London's best rooftop bars

Radio Rooftop Bar, on the 10th floor of the striking ME London hotel in Temple, boasts spectacular views of the Thames and across the city. The heated terrace and sleek black and white aesthetic gives it a modern, arresting edge to make even the greyest of evenings seem atmospheric.

Tips For Falling Asleep Easily | Slumberland Blog

Let's face it, we've all had those nights. No matter how long our day has been, no matter how many sheep we count, we just can't get the shut-eye we need. Here at Slumberland, we've got some tips to help you out.

Nordic Spirit
Nordic Spirit website

The Nordic Spirit website needed to promote and explain a product that was not familiar in the UK.

5 Reasons Direct Mail Isn't Dead |

Direct mail. The words conjure up piles of gaudy coloured leaflets, usually advertising your local pizza joint, shoved unceremoniously through your front door. It's the kind of mail that's met with a grumble, ignored for a week, and then thrown into the recycling during a sudden spring cleaning moment.

What Are Dreams?

It's believed that dreams are formed from our experiences, thoughts and feelings, so it's unlikely that you and your cat share the same nightmare of giving a speech in your underwear. However, there are a lot of common themes. Here's some of them.

Menagerie Theatre
Ikea Towels

Winning play from the 'One Page Play' competition, hosted by the Menagerie Theatre company

Books: Grow up...but not too much

The Terrible Tudors might raise some eyebrows, Terry Deary's series Dangerous Days is more acceptable. Written specifically for adults, it's packed with historical facts and stories, and wound together with the same tongue in cheek humour of the children's series.

Food & Drink: Sweet treats of yesteryear

Some countries, however, had more room to experiment. People in India, which had a vast supply of sugarcane, were some of the earliest to create cooked sweet treats: re cords of , a flavoured rice pudding, date back to 500 BCE.

Food & Drink: Vegan eats in the big city

CookDaily showcases the diversity and flavour of lovingly prepared vegan food. While there's no specific theme to the menu, and British style 'chickn' and mushroom pie sits happily beside Asian-style noodle bowls, providing an eclectic mix.

Food & Drink: Drinks anyone?

The Faltering Fullback. The bustling roof garden is a coveted gem in the heart of Finsbury Park, providing secret garden vibes with its intimacy and sprawl of nature. Covered areas for rainy days lead easily into sun soaked spots, where you can look out over the city with a drink in hand.

Books: Forbidden fiction

Persepolis perfectly captures the innocence and tragedy that framed her early life in Iran. The book has been hailed as a vital part of historic literature, and is part of many school curriculum's across the world. However, the depictions of fundamentalist Islam raised criticisms in Iran, and the book and award-winning film, £5.99, are both banned in the country.

Travel: Real life secret gardens

SOAS's traditional Japanese roof garden. A minimalist landscape of checkerboard plants, hanging wisteria and a racked gravel section, it maintains a calming and restful atmosphere in every season. With a small stage at the end of the garden, guests can enjoy occasional plays, exhibitions and flower displays, providing some impromptu artistry to your visit.

Beauty: A nice long soak

Despite the name, this isn't a technique that involves any water, and the only thing you really need is something comfortable to lie on. The process involves being 'bathed' in a series of meditate sounds made from instruments like gongs, Himalayan singing bowls and crystal bowls.

Travel: Britain's best autumn spots

Isle of Skye for a rustic escape filled with dramatic views, historic buildings and a warm, inviting aura - even on the chilliest days. Wrap up and explore the picturesque grounds of 13th century Dunvegan Castle, the fairy pools of Glen Brittle or the rock pillar of the Old Man of Storr, all complemented by the Scottish island's autumn ambience.

Beauty: Hello, hydration

Effaclar Mat Sebo-Controlling Moisturiser Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream, £14, The Body Shop.

Books: Sorcery and spells

Fantasy literature is often set in a world quite unlike our own, but the most effective works still dig into relatable human issues. This is especially true in (by Ursula Le Guin (Pocket Books, £11.86), the last book in the Earthsea cycle.

Food & Drink: Dairy-free delights

However, if you'd choose doughnuts over brownies and cheesecake any day, you can go vegan here too. This Veganosity recipe for pumpkin spice doughnuts has a long ingredients list, but the end result is magnificent - thanks largely to a warming blend of spices including cloves, ginger and nutmeg.

Food & Drink: Just chuck it in

salmon orzo recipe from Julie's Eats & Treats is the perfect choice. A speedier alternative to risotto, the blend of orzo, tomatoes, chicken broth and garlic creates a fragrant, warming dish. Alternatively, this meaty, Mardi Gras-inspired Jambalaya from A Pinch of Healthy is the epitome of comfort food.

Travel: The world's most beautiful train journeys

Orient Express, which now travels from London to some of Europe's most beautiful cities - from Venice to Paris, Vienna and Budapest. Launched in 1883 and immortalised by Agatha Christie, this deluxe rail route offers modern travellers the same majestic interiors and unparalleled views they have expected for over a century.

Food & Drink: Whisky cocktails for Burns Night

Burns Night is an annual celebration of Scottish poet Robert Burns - and whisky plays a key role in the festivities. If you've never been a fan of the stiff drink, these cocktails might convert you

Books: You're having a laugh

Goodbye, Vitamin , Stylist staffer says "made me laugh as well as cry". After she is left by her fiancé, 30-year-old old Ruth finds out that her father has Alzheimer's, and takes on the role of carer and self-appointed curer. There's a gentle wit to Khong's first person prose that's both inviting and engaging.

Books: The pages of success

Women Who, a London-based community for women in the creative industries. Her Little Black Book (Fourth Estate, £5) is a smart and comprehensive careers guide that draws on her experiences working as a brand consultant, offering straight-talking tips on issues from networking to creative blocks and workplace sexism.

Beauty: Make your bath even better

It's a classic tale of woe. You get the bubbles just right, perfect the water temperature, sink into the bath, and - thwunk - your head connects with the hard, porcelain edge of the tub. Avoid that rude awakening with a simple bath pillow, which is one of those things that seems like an unnecessary extravagance but is actually rather life-changing.

Food & Drink: Delicious Italian dishes

Pizza Express for a comforting pile of pasta, there's also a wealth of other rich, innovative recipes from the European country. Here are some of our favourites that can easily be whipped up at home.

Books: Tackling writer's block

Becky Chamber's debut novel The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, flew onto bookshelves back in 2014, quickly garnering critical acclaim and becoming the first self-published novel to be shortlisted for the Kitschies Golden Tentacle.

Beauty: What's in the bag?

anti-frizz hair sheets, £20, are the ultimate hair tamer. Infused with coconut oil and shear butter, they naturally smooth flyaways without leaving any residue. Plus, the slim-line packets means they're easy to slip into your bag or purse. You'll never face a bad hair day again.

Food & Drink: Seasonal foods to kick-start the year

January is often viewed as a month to endure, rather than enjoy. The festive season is over, the weather is at its grimmest, and we're faced with the most depressing day of the year. The sales might tempt us to shop ourselves happy, but it's easier (and more purse-friendly) to cheer ourselves up with home cooking, instead.

Travel: The best tech for travelling

Google Pixel Buds, £159, work in tandem with the Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2 phones to decode 40 spoken languages. It won't have you communicating like a local, but it will get you through the worst of any language barriers - no more frantically flicking through your phrase book.

Beauty: Rich masques, traditional treatments and budget oils

India for many years, and is still hugely popular. A traditional blend will usually contain a number of different oils and plant extracts, but a simpler store-bought alternative is Hask Argan Oil, £2.49. Heat the tube in hot water, massage into dry hair, and leave overnight.

Travel: Get high and mighty

Sound of Music vibes exude from its snowy tips, rolling mist and lush surrounding greenery, and it's a sight you're guaranteed not to tire of. The fairytale village of Ramsau sits at the base of the mountain, nestled between rolling valleys.

Books: Feel body beautiful

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls is a labour of love handbook, challenging the way we look at weight, happiness, and beauty. Alongside Baker's personal insights, there's a number of thought provoking guest essays, delving into the history of body shaming, the real relationship between weight and health, and the strength of media influences.

Books: YA and the bigger picture

The Children of Blood and Bone shot to the must-read lists after its release last month, and for good reason. With a black protagonist, an African-inspired landscape, and the issues of racial discrimination woven throughout the plot, it's a rare breed of fantasy, and proudly defies its white-focused, dragon roaring counterparts.

Travel: More than a good Guinness

A Dublin staple since 1927, the intimate setting of Beweley's of Grafton Street is a local favourite and, after its recent 12 million euro (£10 million) makeover, is looking even more inviting. Customers can sink into the plush red booths, gaze up at the stunning stained glass windows and enjoy the delectable sweet and savoury treats on offer.

Food & Drink: Dining with a difference

Brasserie Zédel is a love letter to a classic Parisian brasserie. This pink-tinted culinary hotspot was originally part of the historic Regent Palace Hotel, and is a quintessential example of art deco extravagance. While still maintaining a welcoming vibe, and surprisingly affordable menu in this basement space.

Books: Cult figures in the making

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald,is a woman who boldly defies morals and conventions. Seductive and cynical, she acts as a guide to the naïve Nick Carraway. Despite her superficiality, she's one of the few people able to thrive in the novel, and could be viewed as a rare survivor of the toxicity of upper-cla ss society.

Beauty: The best k-beauty

Damjung Bamboo toner, £7.09, which is made from 96% bamboo water. It perfectly cleanses, hydrates and purifies skin - and generally makes you feel like a goddess. And the best part? The packaging looks like bamboo, so there's really nothing to dislike.

Travel: The quiet side of Sin City

Venetian Resort Hotel gondola rides are a Las Vegas must. Rather like sailing on a giant swimming pool through a Beverly Hills shopping mall, it admittedly lacks the charm of real life Venetian rides, but it's surprisingly romantic and endlessly entertaining.

Books: Move over Romeo and Juliet

Brokeback Mountain originates from a poignant short story by Annie Proulx. More than just a tragic romance between Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar, the story touches on the confining lives of blue collar workers in 1960's America. The men's failed romance, fuelled by the era's social climate and Ennis' hesitation, mimics the overall limitations of many underprivileged men at the time.

Travel: Silence is golden

London Library holds over a million books, with 16th century classics cosied up with contemporary prints. There are various quiet rooms, from the lush Victorian Reading Room to the compact Writer's Room, ensuring uninterrupted reading. Individual membership costs £510 per year with various offers to pick from.

Travel: Dare to differ

MUSA, a unique museum in Cancun, uses the ocean as a canvas, portraying the link between artistry and environment. Over 500 sculptures are spread over three locations, and visitors can view the collection by snorkelling, scuba-diving or by a glass bottom boat.

Travel: Your guide to Amsterdam

Before you go: Order yourself an I Amsterdam card. With it you're entitled to free unlimited public transport, free entrance to over 50 museums and attractions, a free one hour canal trip, and discounts and offers on various restaurants. Prices range from €59-98 (£52-86) depending on the length of your visit.

Travel: Time for a tipple

Gin Parlour, ins pired by the novel Around the World in 80 Days . Exuding Victorian decadence and the joyful quirks of the book, customers can sip on a range of eccentric cocktails while reclining on plush armchairs. Don't miss their G&Tea, which offers a twist on the classic treat, and has diners choosing from a selection of over 200 gins.

Travel: Designed for relaxation

Corinthia Hotel. Looking like it's been plucked straight out of a Hollywood fairytale, the hotel boasts grand ballrooms, majestic bars and a world-class spa. With a blend of black marble and blue lights, it has a sleek futuristic vibe, but isn't lacking in warmth and comfort.

Food & Drink: Spicing up spring

spicy pinto bean soup from Bon Appetit blends ground fennel seeds with chillis, garlic, radishes and onions to create a Mexican inspired dish that's brimming with heat and flavour.

Food & Drink: What's in the fridge

this healthy alternative to rice pudding, from The Greatist. If an overabundance of potassium is your problem, and banana bread's not your thing, try this impossibly easy ice cream from BBC Good Food, using only frozen bananas and cocoa powder.

Books: Connecting the masses

The Handmaid's Tale grabbed readers with its disturbing realism, and similar books like Naomi Alderman's , were praised for it's introspective but relatable view of sexism.

Travel: A walk through the wilds

Iguazú National Park has to be seen to believed. Not only is it home to the largest waterfall system in the world, Iguazú Falls, but the falls have been named as one of the new 7 wonders of nature.

Books: Delve into the past

Chicago is actually based on real life murder trials from the 1920s (or at least a tabloid rewording of them). Journalist and playwright Maurine Watkins helped bring the murderesses into the spotlight through her sensationalised reporting, and eventually turned her work into the original Chicago play.

Beauty: The scent of a woman...and a man

Virgin Island Water, £155, smells of the Caribbean, capturing the classic summer scent we often lust after. The sharp, enticing aroma of lime, mandarin and bergamot make up the top notes, blending into floral mid notes of Hibiscus, Ylang ylang and Indian Jasmine, before lingering on Tonkin musk, tropical woods and coconut.

Books: Time travelling reads

The Painted Girls , can play a part of our understanding of history. Following the fictionalised life of Marie van Goethem, the book develops the relationship between her and Edgar Degas and coils love and murder into the plot.

Books: Escape with a good read

Animal Farm to The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, these stories have given us worlds and characters that have thrived throughout the ages. Some have inspired longer pieces - including three of Stephen King's novellas which have been translated into film.

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