Helen Pena

Fiction Ghostwriter

Location icon United States

Alternatively known as Book Enthusiast. I have been writing since the age of nine and have a love for romance, fantasy, young adult, action, adventure, poetry, and children's literature. You can check out my poetry on Instagram, in addition to the clippings listed below.


Guards enclosed the path so escape was impossible. Beyond the guards, standing feet away from her father, was her mother, who bit her lower lip and offered her a sorrowful smile.


Kara vaulted over the courtyard wall, landing on the other side with a tumble. She struggled to catch her breath, cursing the heavy weight of her armor as she fought the desire to wrench it all off.


With her voluminous coffee colored hair and radiant brown skin that contrasted the rich green of her eyes and was complemented by a pair of full, red matte lips...Yeah, he supposed she could be considered pretty.


A large, circular piece of bread was revealed, covered in cheese that stuck to the bread via tomato sauce. What looked to be tiny pieces of sausage dotted its surface. Frieda and Maya exchanged glances. “What. Is that?” Frieda asked. “It’s my latest creation,” Sebastian said. “A perfect blend of bread and cheese, vegetables and meat. I call it...the pizzaz.”

Bad Day

Felix screamed as the monster’s claws ripped through his wrist. Dark red blood gushed out his arm like lava rushing out of a volcano.

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