Grace Su Lee

DTM Promotional Brochure

DTM Street Race Brochure as an example of motorsports technical writing by Grace S. Lee

Kylin Pictures International
Company Policy

Company Policy written as an example of technical writing done by Grace S. Lee

'Hair of the dog' or herbal: Handling the hangover

So you made your resolution for New Year's to never drink again. But you were invited to yet another awesome party where you couldn't seem to resist when someone opened a bottle of champagne, especially a nice one.

How to pick a wine for a dinner party

With so many choices out there in Beijing, sometimes it's hard to choose a wine to drink or bring to a dinner party based on just a price.

Buffets to make you burst

Christmas was a good time to eat a lot of food and drink copious amounts of alcohol, but back then it was mostly about the time spent with family and friends.