Helen Gould

Freelance editor and copywriter

Location icon United Kingdom

Experienced editor, writer, and proofreader with particular expertise in the education sector and internal communications.

Key skills:
- Creating effective copy for diverse audiences
- Transforming dry information into impactful marketing collateral
- Detailed proofreading and editing work
- Blogging
- Project management
- Software and applications: Sharepoint, Outlook, Microsoft Office, Contensis, Umbraco, Wordpress, Trello, Basecamp, Glassdoor, Gorkana, ResponseSource, Google Analytics, etc.

The CSD Blog
The importance of networking

With the number of conferences, seminars, and workshops that are available, it's never been easier to meet other design professionals and share your experiences with them. Networking is almost always advertised as a benefit of attending these events, and it's constantly recommended for those who want to succeed - so here's why.

The CSD Student Blog
Getting the most out of student life

Starting your first year at university can be daunting. For many young people, it's their first time living away from home - often in an entirely different city. However, you can get a lot out of student life if you approach things in the right way. Read on for our three top tips!

The CSD Blog
CSD at the London Design Festival: Design as a Force for Good

Hosted by the Goldfinger Factory in Westbourne Park, this event explored the ethical implications of design and how it can be used to make the world better. The panel discussion included five people from the design world with an interest in social enterprises, ethics, and sustainability: Bertrand Michaud, Managing Director of Herm├Ęs in the UK;...

the Guardian
The 'Shitty Media Men' list? We're asking all the wrong questions about it | Helen Gould

Last week, amid the clamour of yet another high-profile man being accused of sexual abuse (and another industry exposed as complicit), a controversial document was shared. The spreadsheet, titled "SHITTY MEDIA MEN", gathered a list of names: the names of men who were alleged to have done everything from inappropriate flirting to physical violence.

What to Expect on Results Day

At 8AM, you'll be able to check your UCAS Track profile to see confirmation of which university you have been accepted into (either your Firm or Insurance choice). You may find that you're in Clearing - but don't worry! That's not the end of the world, as you'll find out later on in this article.

Green design could reduce energy bills

Could energy efficiency help businesses? We look into the impact sustainable design and green buildings could have on the UK economy. Construction firm Balfour Beatty recently created the UK's most environmentally friendly building for Girton College at the University of Cambridge.

Hiring from other sectors could improve gender equality in tech

With Google hiring former Wall Street executive Ruth Porat as its new CFO, the issue of gender equality in tech has come to the fore again. Ms Porat will be the highest ranking woman at Google, helping to solve the issue of a male-dominated workforce.

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