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The Countable Quiz for December 18 - 22, 2017

Tax bills, alternative pills, space thrills. How much do you remember of the past week? Take the Countable News Quiz and find out if you're a News Know-It-All or a News Know-It-Nothing →

Artillery Magazine
Afro Rising - Artillery Magazine

Step off the Metro line at Crenshaw and Martin Luther King in 2019, and the first thing you'll be greeted by is the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, a gray monolith of Macy's, Sears and Wal-Mart. But look further south down Crenshaw, and you'll notice an afro rising like a mushroom cloud above the Krispy Kreme bags and Jack-in-the-Box cups.

Le Tour de French Fries: L.A.'s best fried potatoes

Burger and fries. Steak et frites. Fish n' chips. For far too long, fries have been relegated to +1 status. Embrace the tastiest part of any meal, and unabashedly take this Tour de French Fries. In a city known for fried dough on every corner, it's n...

Star Magazine
Oprah's Favorite Chef

OPRAH is spending more time than ever away from her home in windy Chicago in favor of her home in sunny Montecito, Calif., near Santa Barbara. Part of the reason may be her obsession with Trattoria Mollie, chef Mollie Ahlstrand’s Italian bistro.

Artillery Magazine
Fast Food Art - Artillery Magazine

How often have you found yourself saying, "I would bring my business here, if only they had more generic, mall-safe, focus-group chosen art on the walls?" Surrounded by more museums, galleries, and out-of-work MFAs than in any other city, these SoCal establishments have decided against partnerships that could create unique site-specific works, and have instead trusted the curatorial choices of franchise owners and whatever is currently trending on Twitter.