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My name is HenryTye Glazebrook, and I'm a freelance writer based in Saskatoon, SK. I started pursuing journalism during my time at the University of Saskatchewan, where I earned a four year degree in English, and have since been pitching freelance pieces across Canada. I primarily work in general news reporting, but I have a passion for arts & culture and am comfortable writing in any area.

The StarPhoenix
Green roofs offer promise of savings to city

When Julie Barnes wakes up each morning, a collage of brightly coloured plants greet her from the rooftop of the detached garage outside her window.

The StarPhoenix
Allies wear Pride on their sleeves

Making strides for LGBTQ rights is no laughing matter, but Jason Mercredi and John Stewart think a little humour can go a long way to encourage positive opinions.

The StarPhoenix
Full Tilt: The loud and proud rebirth of pinball

When Eckard Wackerbarth stepped off the plane in Las Vegas earlier this year, the flashing lights, ringing bells and hushed crowds he was heading toward weren't coming from a casino.

The StarPhoenix
Youth worker helps offenders vote

When Stephanie Anderson found out that one of the young offenders she works with had recently turned 18, she asked him if he planned on voting in the federal election.

The StarPhoenix
Police probe hour response to fatal crash

Saskatoon police are investigating why it took officers more than an hour to arrive at the scene of a crash involving a fatality on 20th Street.

The StarPhoenix
City hopes to isolate Dutch elm disease case

After Tuesday's announcement that the first reported case of Dutch elm disease had been discovered within city limits, Saskatoon officials remain hopeful that they will be able to contain the infection.

The StarPhoenix
Fangtastic brings exotic wildlife to Saskatoon

The crowd gasps when Dirk Hackenberger brings out Baghera the black jaguar, bound to his wrist by a leash and leisurely slapping its great paws across the ground. As he feeds the big cat morsels of raw meat, which it snaps forcefully from the end of a metal rod, there's little indication that they share a literal lifetime of memories.

The StarPhoenix
Ronald McDonald House steps up for families

When Hudson and Owen Buzzeo were born, their mother Rozlynn knew something was wrong when the latter twin came into the world struggling to breathe.

The StarPhoenix
Olé denim fades into prairies

Ryan Mack wants your blue jeans to be more than a pair of pants. He wants them to be worn proof of your own personal history.

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