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Face it: you probably won't become fluent on your year abroad

The year abroad is touted by professors as the best opportunity for language students to become fluent in their language of choice. For a year, we leave the anglicized learning environment of our British universities behind and replace it with a foreign culture for which even the most helpful lectures and textbooks can't fully prepare us.

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4 young people explain why they voted in the general election

While Britain woke up to the uncertainty of a hung parliament in a shock election night twist, one major aspect of the last 24-hours of political pantomime has rung loud and clear: it's been a landslide victory for young people.

Long Weekend in Geneva | Urban Travel Blog

From celebrity home spotting on Lake Geneva and visiting the United Nation's Headquarters to soaking at the popular Bains des Pâquis, Geneva is always meticulous... but it doesn't have to be exorbitant says Helen Parkinson.

Interviews: how to answer The Question

The job interview: it's right up there with putting the bins out and meeting the in-laws for the first time on the list of life's necessary evils. My naïve teenage self thought that all interviews involved a cantankerous Claude Littner on The Apprentice.

The Mole Diaries: Tyrol (Volume 2)

Helen spent half of her year abroad working as a Language Assistant in Kitzbühel, Tyrol, Austria. Here is her guide to moving to and living in the region.

4 reasons to forget France and switch to Switzerland!

Helen Parkinson is studying French and German at Lancaster University, currently studying abroad in Geneva. In this article, she disputes the idea that French students must spend their year abroad in France, making the case for "the land of fondue and Federer" as a more desirable year abroad location...

Third Year Abroad
How volunteering can give your language skills a helping hand - Third Year Abroad

It’s not even ice cream weather yet but already it feels as though all of your coursemates have made exciting plans for the summer vacation. Au pairing remains one of the most popular summer activities among language students, but if the idea of caring for anything more demanding than your pet goldfish isn’t appealing then a Help Exchange (HelpX) might be for you. In need of a first taste of the fabled year abroad, I found myself volunteering as a HelpXer at a riding stables in Brandenburg,...

5 Reasons Why your Infographic Isn't Getting any Links

In the content marketing world, infographics are a valuable currency. Editors love being presented with ready-to-go content, while readers find them much more digestible than a wall of text. But what happens when, despite your valiant outreach attempts, your infographic isn't getting any links?

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