H Henshall

Location icon United Kingdom

Writing is never something that comes naturally to the scientist. Yet with all the wonders of such an age it should. The creators of the new art of technology and realities, the sculptors of the new destiny of mankind, they create just as clearly as any author, and much is lost if we cannot find the beauty and the poetry of it all. Through Science I found the tools to use the written word, how to express thought and give meaning.

There was a time I would have written about why I should be noticed, why my words should have meaning to you. Now though I simply present them to you. I am defined by the words I write, the worlds I create, not the platitudes I give. It is on my words I wish to be judged, and those matter above all things.

So please, read my words. I can only hope you take as much enjoyment from reading as I did to create them.

Thoughts and Riddles
Seeking Silence

This is an unpublished work as part of my ongoing development as a writer and poet.