Helena Sampayo

Content Writing Intern / Freelance Writer

Location icon United Kingdom

Hey! Glad you could make it. Fancy reading some of my writing? Before you do, here's a little bit about me:

Earlier this year, I successfully completed a three-month internship in a content writing role. Blogs, e-mails, newsletters; you name it. I wrote, edited, tweeted, and proofread, proofread, proofread a variety of content types in order to drive engagement and support a fantastic marketing team. And I enjoyed every minute.

However, as a result of COVID-19, my progress within the role was sadly cut short. But I'm eager to get back to work. I am searching for exciting freelance opportunities where I can exercise and further my skills as a content writer. With an array of writing experience under my belt and a First-Class Honours in Bachelor of Arts, I am confident I can embody a brand, work to deadlines and tell your story with confidence.

So, please take a look at some of my work! And thank you for reading.




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Blogs and Articles

Global Student Living: Freelance
Helena Sampayo, Author at Global Student Living

Around the world, students are met with an abundance of challenges when completing higher education. From the mental health crisis to invisible funding schemes, Helena Sampayo explores the prevalent student issues shaping student living.

The Most Popular Office Facilities in 2020 | HubbleHQ

Office amenities today extend beyond traditional desk-space and boardrooms to include quirky add-ons like rock climbing walls and sleeping pods. But our data shows that getting the basics right is still at the top of everyone's list. Here are HubbleHQ's 10 most searched for office facilities in 2020.

Global Student Living: Article
Gun culture and US colleges: a turbulent relationship - Global Student Living

Students have been targeted in some of the most devastating mass shootings in US history, from Virginia Tech to Isla Vista. Helena Sampayo explores guns on campus: students' attitudes towards them, why male students are so frequently the perpetrators, and some of the proposed solutions to the problem.


Short Play
Do Your Time, Pay What's Due

‘It’s cool. I’ll steal a wallet. You’ll steal a life. Prison is temporary. Besides, who’s there to answer to when you’re dead?’ Written during lock-down, Do Your Time, Pay What’s Due is a dark comedy that explores the pain, pride and humanity felt by one tortured soul who prepares another for God’s merciless waiting room.

Theatre and Performance Analysis: Essay
Remembering Rhythm 0

When performance artist Marina Abramovic performed Rhythm 0 to an audience in Naples, 1974, she nearly lost her life. 'Remembering Rhythm 0' is a monologue, written to explore how something as ephemeral as a live performance might be preserved and to what ends.

Writing for Theatre: Performance Piece

She watched him grow. They told her she'd done a good job. She used to say, he has his eyes but not his temper. 'Aaron.' is about violence. The aftermath of one boy becoming everything he was taught to fear, detest and avoid.

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