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I am a graduate of Hofstra University's Public Relations MA program in Hempstead, NY, as well as a graduate of the Journalism & Media Studies undergraduate program of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. I first began writing while attending school and have been expanding my proficiency in digital copywriting and content marketing ever since.

I currently serve as a marketing Content Writer at a software consultant and reseller, however, my duties extend well beyond blog, newsletter and press release writing into search engine optimization (SEO) of content across over half a dozen websites as well as social media management, along with market and customer research. Additionally, several of roles contribute to our case study generation program, in which I leverage my training and history as a former beat writer to produce customer success stories that deliver proof points of our service value.

Please direct all inquiries by personal message to my LinkedIn profile included on this page.

Acumatica Cloud ERP
5 Benefits of Cloud-based Inventory Management | Acumatica Cloud ERP

SWK Technologies reveals five benefits of cloud-based inventory management. Distributors tired of managing inventory through outdated methods or disconnected technology may want to take note. Inventory management is by far one of the top pain points for distributors-but it doesn't have to be.

SWK Technologies, Inc.
SWK Helps Mold In Graphics® Connect Acumatica with Their Supply Chain - SWK Technologies, Inc.

Mold In Graphic Systems® (MIGS) is a manufacturer and distributor of permanent labeling used for polyolefin plastic materials. Founded in 1983, MIGS operates from a manufacturing facility in Clarkdale, Arizona, and distributes their products to five continents. "About half of our business is now overseas," says current President, Matt Stevenson.

SWK Technologies, Inc.
7 Critical Regulations for Nutraceutical Manufacturers - SWK Technologies, Inc.

Nutraceutical manufacturers occupy a unique space in between consumer product and consumables regulations. The intended use of such items is similar to what would legally be considered drugs under the Food Drug and Cosmetics Act (FD&C Act), but dietary supplement manufacturing is considered a separate vertical from pharmaceuticals.

Capital One Data Breach - What is Cloud Security? - SWK NWS

The Capital One data breach saw the personal information of more than 100 million of the credit card company's customers in the US and Canada stolen by one internal attacker. Even as details continue to be revealed about the nature of the incident, it has proven to be simultaneously the same as and yet different from every other high-profile breach.

SWK Technologies, Inc.
Acumatica VS NetSuite - Choosing the Best ERP - SWK Technologies

If you have ever entered a Google search for "Cloud ERP," then you have already seen one of the many advertisements NetSuite has put out. The Oracle-owned software provider is famous for those type of marketing tactics, especially for attacking competitors over any perceived inferiority.

From Suburban Lawyer to Jibaro Hotelier

The fantasy of packing up everything and moving to a tropical island is a common story that many of us can relate to. Leaving behind all the stress, the traffic, the bills, and especially the snow and the ice to lie down on a beach somewhere has a certain appeal.

SWK Technologies, Inc.
Cannabis Seed to Sale Management Software - SWK Technologies, Inc.

CANNABIS SEED TO SALE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Cannabis is experiencing tremendous growth as an industry as public opinion gradually moves toward legalization. It is already valued at billions and is expected to reach a total of $27 billion by 2021. However, shifting attitudes and fractured state regulatory standards already in place create a complex compliance landscape for Cannabis businesses.

Jacob Frydman -- Discusses Decreased Mortgage Rates

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - August 17, 2016) - Mortgage interest rates for this year have managed to defy consumer expectations. According to Fannie Mae's 2016 National Housing Survey, the majority believed rates were either going to increase or stagnate. Contrary to what was anticipated, mortgage rates actually decreased over the...

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