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This is a compiled version of articles I wrote for YUVO, it consist of: How Artificial Intelligence can help you find the right candidates | Have Your Marketing’s Plan Align with Your KPIs? | Why You Need an Automated Workflow Now More Than Ever

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Say Hi to Victory, HIVI! | | Letter F

Initially formed in 2009, HIVI! has since became a pop band that's well-known among today's millennials. With catchy tunes and relatable lyrics, the band know how to tap into the teen market. Since their first debut album released back in 2012, with 5 singles launched simultaneously, they have gained a significant attention of music lovers everywhere.

Brand to Watch: Murza, Feels, Rosegood

Once, leading a day with a casual tee is a good way to fit in the crowd. But what if you are standing on the same ground with a slew of fashionista? . Rather than searching around the corner trying to find an exit before it's too late to left the party, better invest your time to take a look at our latest collection.


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Not So Strange Finn Wolfhard | | Letter F

Far ahead, in front of the Vinyl store, stood out a teenager with a slouchy posture. Though he seemed much laid back, but one would instantly notice this curly hair teen: Mike from Stranger Things. Finn Wolfhard is a 14-year-old Canadian boy who, as he confessed to Dazed magazine, tried his first luck in acting through Craiglist.

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Wes Anderson-Inspired Fall/Winter Fashion | | Letter F

During the Fall/Winter 2017 collection, many designers have flaunted their best collection to date, including Harmony Paris. What drew most attention to this fashion house is the fact that their recent collection gave an homage to the iconic film director Wes Anderson.

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Fashion Killa: A$AP Rocky | | Letter F

Recently, the internet went cray over the alleged new power couple: Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky. Let's sink that in for a while. The high class supermodel opted the current It rapper after the Styles phase. Essentially though, both are prone to be trendsetter, which A$AP Rocky himself has his own nickname thanks to his good sense of fashion: "Fashion Killa".


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#musicwatch: Fazerdaze | | Letter F

Three weeks ago, precisely on September 4 th, they made it to their last stop in Jakarta, marking the final stop of their South East Asian Tour. The four-piece band consist of Mark Perkins (guitarist and synth duties), Elliot Francis (drummer), Benjamin Locke (bassist) and the mastermind behind Fazerdaze itself Amelia Murray (vocalist).

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One Night with Count Dracula | | Letter F

Staying in his castle, that is. Transylvania's own most feared count to date, Dracula history goes way back. Though he has passed away since long ago (did he though?), his castle still remains mysterious as ever. Canadian sibiling Robin and Tami Varma were lucky enough to stay the night, they won an airbnb contest, defeating 90k participants.

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8 Facts of The Last Jedi | | Letter F

The most anticipated sequel will be released this December. Are you ready to embark the universe with The Last Jedi? Before we proceed to both Sith and Jedi worlds, let's take a moment to commemorate the death of the greatest lover and loving father Han Solo - who has accompanied us since the first star war begun.

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iPhone X - The Future Is in Your Hand, Literally | | Letter F

Alright, pretty sure the laughter from Apple fanboys and fangirls echoed around the globe as the most-anticipated iPhone series is out. Yes, folks, iPhone X is finally released this November. Are you ready to experience a glimpse of the future?