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A journalist never forgets their first byline: for me, it was in my town's student-written newspaper below a haiku I penned about my everlasting love for potato chips. I was eight.

I've since retired from my prolific era of junk food poems to pursue, and recently obtain, a journalism degree from Temple University in Philadelphia.

My undergrad years have seen me composing articles on everything from pop-up yoga to local hot chocolate for a travel-tourism magazine, evaluating manuscripts for publication at a book publishing house, and writing on student start-ups, food truck reviews and alumni profiles for Temple's news center.

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Fox graduate wants to 'Repair U'

Temple University Fox School of Business graduate Jesse DiLaura wants to bring Repair U, a mobile phone repair cart, to Temple’s campus.

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Seven ways to keep calm during finals

Keep calm and kick it on Beury Beach. Keep calm and yoga on. Keep calm and cry at the return of those adorable pups!!! Yes: yoga and dogs on campus-the telltale signs that finals are upon us once again. Here are seven things to do to help you stay sane before and through finals.

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The Truck Stops Here: Temple Teppanyaki

Listen, Owls, we won’t dance—or shiver—around the issue: February is super-cold and the idea of standing in line for a meal you’ve never had before may sound super-awful. Luckily for you, your diligent and hungry friends at Nutshell braved the wintery mix (fine, it was a few flurries) to find you some perfect tummy-warming Japanese-Korean fusion fare with a wait time to write love songs about.

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Matthew Daley: World Builder

Matthew Daley, CLA ’03, is co-creator and co-writer for Lantern City, a steampunk epic that includes a 12-issue comic series, an illustrated novella and a television series.

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Stranger Temple: Four campus myths worth knowing

So, you're walking through campus and there are, like, no squirrels anywhere. Suddenly you feel a chill down your back. Yeah, it's probably just the wind. NBD. But....*maybe* it's a ghost (Hi, Russell Conwell) on its way to 7-Eleven. So bingeing on scary movies this month might be affecting our judgment.

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Burgers, biz, boots with the fur: 10 things to do before semester's end

Want to eat some free burgers? There’s an event for that. Want to *save our planet* before spending your summer lazing about? Totally doable. Want to meditate with a monk while wearing your boots with the fur? Whatever floats your boat, Owls. Here are 10, (mostly) sensible things to do to during the final weeks of the year.

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OwlCrowd campaign kicks off

Six Temple Made projects that will benefit both Temple and the community are seeking donations via the crowdfunding campaign through Dec. 15.

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Philly or bust!

Prepare to give guests visiting the City of Brotherly Love a memorable experience during Temple’s Parent and Family Weekend

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Escape the noise: Quiet places to study on campus

Yup, Owls. It’s that time of the year, when the studying ramps up and the noise seems to follow. Good thing there are some solid spots of quiet serenity on campus. We present you with five.

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Owls score Geek Awards

Three Temple alumni were among the innovators honored at the 2016 Philly Geek Awards ceremony.

7 Ways to Warm Up This Winter in Philly

Philadelphia winters can be harsh, but don't let the cold deter you from experiencing this city. Follow our guide on getting warm and staying cozy.

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When more is more

The 2016 Senior Class gift shattered goals and expectations of student giving.

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Angela Washko: Artistic Activist

Angela Washko, TYL ’09, creates videos, print installations and live performances that critique the divisive language that permeates online spaces.

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Temple Survival Guide: Where to use your acres of Diamond Dollars

Good news, guys: That OWLcard of yours has more purpose than just getting you into buildings and flaunting an embarrassing mugshot. It’s also got your Diamond Dollars, which are like regular dollars but with a catchier name.

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All 29 of them: 15 ways to pass the days in February

Is it just us, or does the shortest month of the year seem to last forever? And 2016 is a leap year, which means the longest shortest month is even loooooonger. Never fear, Owls; we’ve found lots of ways pass the time, including tasty stuff like a taco night and productive stuff like a career fair and may-the-odds-be-ever-in-your-favor stuff like 'The Hunger Games' and stuff like stuffing a teddy bear to give your Valentine.

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The truck stops here: Burger Tank

They’re not your mama’s burgers. Or your mama’s grilled cheeses, for that matter. (Unless your mama gives her sandwiches names like the Insane Burger, in which case we wanna be invited to dinner at your house.)

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10 for 10: Facts about Club TECH

In honor of its 10th anniversary, we’ve compiled a list of 10 fun facts about the TECH, including how many of you go clubbin’ at 3 a.m. and when not to visit.

11 Gifts with Philadelphia Flair

Celebrate the season with gifts that showcase the rich history and local business owners of the City of Brotherly Love.

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Just like Disney World: Nine things to do during finals

Ah, enchanting kingdoms, exotic animals, towering roller coasters—where else can you feel the magic and splendor of Walt Temple World? Oh, right. That’s Disney World. Sorry. Temple does have some pretty spectacular attractions in the works, including an Epcot-inspired food truck event, therapy dogs at Paley Library and Frisbee golf.

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The truck stops here: Vegan Tree

In honor of World Vegan Month (yes, Thanksgiving occurs during World Vegan Month), we sampled the plant-based fare at the Vegan Tree.

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Bounce into spring: 13 things to do in April

Mother Nature, do us a solid and let this month be sunny and springy and warm. We’ve earned it, haven’t we? Other things we’ve earned: bouncy rides and outdoor festivals, free concerts and cheap movies, and a life-size Battleship competition that takes place in a Campus Rec pool.

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