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Writer and Translator

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I enjoy telling stories, and I am lucky enough to work in a field which allows me to do so.

Writer and French > English translator. Former climbing coach and outreach worker, Au Pairing brought me back to France where I spent 6 months in Fontainebleau before migrating south to Provence. Currently a freelance copy writer for Twin Exchange, I also write about climbing, travel, and anything else that takes my fancy, on my blog.

Drop me a line if you have any feedback or questions about my portfolio.

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The joys of foraging and why we shouldn't do it

Nothing beats the end of summer in the forest, the trees succumbing to Autumn and transforming the landscape; their fiery leaves tumbling to the ground with every gust of wind and crunching and crackling under your feet as you walk.

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Fontainebleau : the True Home of Kings

Just a stone's throw from the capital, Fontainebleau is a favourite weekend destination for Parisians looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and to breathe in that fresh countryside air. If you have already visited Fontainebleau this will come as no surprise, nestled in the centre of a tranquil forest it's hard to believe that you're only an hour from Paris.

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Getting about in Paris

We've talked about where to explore in Paris, but what about how? Part of the magic of exploring this city comes from traveling from one beautiful landmark to another, and how you travel makes a big difference to your experience!

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Finding the perfect gift for your host family

You're fairly confident that you're on track and organised for your exchange abroad. Plane tickets? Check! French phrase book? Check! Gift for your host family? Eh? Finding a gift for your host family is an important part of your exchange preparation.

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CoSiRoc: the Guardians of the Temple

Known for its sumptuous palace, its renaissance architecture, and its international business school; Fontainebleau has earned somewhat of a reputation as a bourgeois Parisian getaway. However thanks to certain gifts of nature and the dedication of some so-called hippies, its fame for climbing now surpasses that of the pomp and circumstance of the French monarchy in the sporting world.

Twin Exchange
On the Art trail in Paris

When it comes to art in the City of Lights you might find that you're spoilt for choice. Don't worry, here at Twin Exchange we've put together a shortlist of some of our favourite spots... From the exquisitely decadent to the innovative contemporary; the internationally celebrated museums to the intimate hidden treasures; and everything in between!

Twin Exchange
The Benefits of Bilingualism Beyond Language: Adaptability

So you thought that the only benefit of bilingualism was learning another language? It's true that this is the primary aim of raising bilingual children, but the benefits stretch far beyond the mastery of another language. In next two posts we'll be looking into these long-term benefits of bilingualism, beginning with adaptability.

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To pof or not to pof?

To give you some background, the aim of my stay in France is linguistic and cultural immersion. From day one I knew that Au Pairing for a bilingual family would mean speaking some English, so to ensure the most intensive immersion possible I resolved to avoid other anglophones.

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