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Ambitious writer, looking to make a name for myself and gain experience by writing about the things I'm passionate about!

As a student, I'm looking to learn and develop my skills even more while showcasing and putting my current works out there. I believe that writing is a very dynamic process and there is always things to learn, and the openness and willingness to learn and keep going is pivotal for growing as a writer, and for always producing the best quality of work possible.

I am also looking to get into different fields and learn more about them, despite my major passion for my studies and writing, I am curious and always looking to learn more and gain experience!

May we grow together and keep learning!

Looking forward to working with you and giving you my best efforts! Kindest regards!

Has the G2 Era Truly Ended?

With the LEC starting off, everyone is talking about which team is looking like the major contender to win the spring split, and with everyone saying that the G2 era has ended, I dive deeper into the topic and speculate.

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