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Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

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A versatile writer and editor with experience working both alone and as part of a team of professionals. I've written clear, consistent and engaging copy for a range of audiences including, clients, consumers, senior managers and colleagues, and have had my work published in print and digital media.I specialise in intelligent, technical copy that's optimised for high Google ranking.

The Telegraph
Supplying the energy to support the UK's SME

An SME, defined by the European Commission as a business that has an annual turnover of less than £39million, doesn't just provide financial benefits. Its significant contribution can also be measured by the positive effects on the local community, too - whether that's bringing much-needed jobs to unemployment black spots, driving innovation, making resident customers feel valued or bringing revenue to commercially sparse areas.

Goldsmith's University Prospectus
Study Abroad

I contributed to the new Goldsmiths prospectus and website.

How to tell your customers about a cyber attack

Cyber attacks and data breaches are an increasingly common occurrence, and organisations and individuals from the smallest micro businesses right up to governments and mega-corporations have been targeted by malicious cybercrimes. Cyber attacks are one of the biggest security threats that companies face, but one that many aren't prepared for.

Healthcare Biometrics to Reach $5 billion

Biometrics are expected to drive technological innovation within the global healthcare market, according to a new report from the Biometrics Research Group.

Invest Timber
New Kenyan initiative to boost timber investment

There is a new initiative in Kenya to help people to make the most from their forestry investments. Goldenscape Tree Ltd is responsible for planting more than 500 acres all over Kenya, with the aim of restoring the country's tree cover, as well as its cool and wet climatic conditions.

The Opus Energy Blog
India's energy expansion choice has global implications

According to recent figures, there are currently 400 million people in India who live without electricity. This does not include the hundreds of millions more who are significantly underserved, with most relying on wood and coal for cooking, and kerosene for lighting. This scarcity is driving a huge surge for both renewable and non-renewable energy ...

Bollington Business
Top 5 affordable digital strategies for your business

It's more important than ever before for businesses to have a strong digital strategy in place. Social media and the internet have quickly become the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal, and keeping up with trends is essential to staying relevant and knocking out the competition.

Central America Blog
Staying safe in Central America: 6 smart strategies

Central America is known for having a bad rep when it comes to safety. Although things are slowly improving, years of political and social unrest have led to high crime rates and gang violence in certain areas. But for the responsible traveller, a little forethought and awareness can be all you need to stay safe.

Alternative Asset
Active investment into pension funds yields 4.9% higher returns

For most people, they have little say in how or where their work pension is invested. But new research has shown that a lack of engagement in this area could lead to 4.9 per cent lower returns in the long run. Workers who are saving into a workplace pension but

City of life: Photographing modern-day Hong Kong

Its idiosyncrasies are what make Hong Kong such an exciting location to photograph. One of the young photographers using this unconventional city as their canvas is lifelong Hong Kong resident Sunny Liu. Capturing everyday life in the city through the eyes of a true local, Liu sees his photos as an art of observation (and preservation).

Brighter Business
Fraud affects 1 in 4 small businesses every year. Could you be next?

For many businesses, both large and small, fighting fraud can seem like a constant battle. Fraud affects 1 in 4 small businesses every year. In the last year alone fraud losses to SMEs were estimated at £18.9 billion, proving that no business is too small to be targeted.

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