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Hannah Woodcock

Content Writer & Editor

Location icon United Kingdom

5 years of success in communication-based roles. Whether I’m creating a digital marketing campaign, managing an editorial blog, or scripting a murder mystery (spoiler: it wasn’t the butler), I understand the impact of words and the importance of tailoring content to the reader.

I love new challenges – in the past year alone, I’ve delivered a writing workshop at Ilkley Literature Fringe Festival, organised a conference focused on mental health and written a ghost story.



Mindful Matters: Ideas & Inspiration for Improving Your Wellbeing

JCI UK is pleased to share Mindful Matters, a digital booklet filled with ideas and inspiration for improving your mental wellbeing. Topics include: Voluntary opportunities; Writing for wellbeing; Mindful playlists; Challenging ‘automatic negative thoughts'

unLTD Business Magazine #12
If you ask me...Mark Smith

For this feature, unLTD ask business leaders to share their insights on relevant topics. I worked with Mark Smith (CEO of Make Your Mark UK and JCI UK's National President 2019) to write this article on mental health in the workplace.


Step Up January #JCIUKStepUpJan

Inspired by Mind's RED (Run Every Day) January campaign, JCI UK is encouraging members to Step Up ...metaphorically and physically! As our key community focus for 2019 is Good Health and Wellbeing (Sustainable Development Goal 3), we're kickstarting the new year with an active challenge: exercise for at least 30 minutes every day in January.

Internal Communication

INK (Hallmark Cards' Internal Magazine)
Delivering a Flawless Advert

Iconic Christmas adverts with emotionally-connecting content.

INK (Hallmark Cards' Internal Magazine)
Lucy's Card

The magic of the season arrived earlier than expected for Lucy, when she won the (amazingly alliterative) Colleague Christmas Card Competition.

INK (Hallmark Cards' Internal Magazine)
Success with Six Sigma

Six Sigma. A superhero assemble, or a hopeful boy band auditioning for The X Factor? Actually, it’s a set of principles pioneered by Motorola.

INK (Hallmark Cards' Internal Magazine)
How Do You Make Your Mark?

How do you live up to Hallmark Cards' vision and 'make your mark' in the office?

INK (Hallmark Cards' Internal Magazine)
Leadership Styles

The diverse leadership styles of 5 influential leaders.

Event Copy

Writing Creative Copy

In this informal writing workshop, we'll look into the benefits of creative copy and how you can transform dull text into content that engages with the reader.

Eventbrite & DWF LLP's internal events mailer
The Alternative Quiz of the Year 2016

JCI Leeds has joined forces with DWF LLP for 'The Alternative Quiz of the Year.' As the name suggests, this is no ordinary pub quiz.


JCI UK's Mailer
Hello 2018

JCI UK is encouraging you to be a world changer. You don’t have to change the world (though we'd be mightily impressed with your ambition!). Just change someone's world.

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