Hannah Cohen

Marketing Coordinator Transitioning to Project Management

Location icon United States

As a coordinator of marketing in the health space, I develop and maintain marketing operational documents in addition to sales proposals, mocks, RFP documents and promotions. I've curated signature events, client event series, company offsite meetings and smaller, seasonal events. Working with senior marketing leadership, I develop B2B social outreach and claim ownership of internal communications to Remedy employees.

I am looking to transition into the project management realm and am searching for positions in the health, tech and beauty spheres. In addition to my work experience, I've studied scientific communications and journalism, environmental science and global health.

The content and copy samples available on my portfolio site have been published in newspapers of international readership, featured on corporate websites and submitted as class assignments. If you’re interested in learning more, I can be contacted by email at [email protected]

BellBrook Labs
Detecting Rho-GEF Activity Using the Transcreener® GDP GEF Assay

Rho GTPases act as molecular switches to regulate the cytoskeletal dynamics underlying cell motility. Rho GEFs (guanine nucleotide exchange factors) positively regulate Rho GTPases by accelerating GDP dissociation and allowing formation of the active GTPase-GTP complex. Active Rho GTPases typically stimulate cell growth and migration, sometimes triggering tumorigenesis or invasion.

Life Sciences Communication 432
Gener8r Startup Content Strategy Proposal

As a student in a social media marketing course, I developed a content marketing plan for Behold.AI, a startup that was invested in by one of the Top 15 incubators in the United States. I acted in a director function, organizing 13 project group members in addition to functioning as an editor and analytics expert.

Life Sciences Communication 111 Coursework
Soren Wheeler, Scientific Storyteller

Butte was a town children were scared to visit, filled with abandoned buildings, economically depressed. The town’s center was ruptured open by an enormous, open wound; this was the Berkeley Pit.

Amazing Waste

A Capstone Project: 50 recipes utilizing food scraps, repurposing leftovers and reducing food waste.

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