Hannah Olarewaju

Freelance Music Journalist

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I am a freelance music journalist that is based in the UK, with experience in speaking to both growing and established artists. I work and socialise in the music industry, and below is small collection of my most memorable moments to date.

Eugy: A Sit Down With

As we spoke, I noticed how relaxed he was. How calmly he told me about his journey and the way his eyes lit up when we discussed creating music and performing.

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featmag | Dej The Ego

When I asked Dej The Ego if he was egotistical, this is what he said.

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feat. Ragz Originale

Throughout our conversation, which took many twists and turns. It was clear that to Ragz, music wasn’t a hobby or just a way to make money.

Danéx: A Sit Down

She continuously proves to herself and others that there is just no quitting.

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