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Architecture and Sound in the Danish Captial: Kasper Bjørke's Guide to Copenhagen

Electro artist Kasper Bjørke first gained popularity in the late '90s as one half of the disco duo Filur, and has since gone on to release material as both a solo artist and collaborator. As a DJ he's played venues around the world and has done remixes for artists like Moby, all while helping launch the label Fake Diamonds.

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Wander Iceland with Great American Canyon Band

Great American Canyon Band, couple Paul and Kris Masson, took to the road behind the wheel of their '82 Mercedes and traveled across the country. In search of a new home, the Baltimore natives found inspiration for their music along their journey. In spring 2012, the duo self-produced their first EP Crash.

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Check Out COLLiDE's Brand-New Interactive Travel Platform

Today we're introducing our brand-new interactive platform: CollideTravel.com - a comprehensive guide to cities across the globe built on Google Maps.Your favorite bands and influencers, from Ziggy Marley, to BORNS, to Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson, to Belle & Sebastian, and over 100+ artists from around the world, have curated a list of their favorite places and divulged the best-kept secrets of their hometowns, from hidden dive bars, to the best dim-sum, to under-the-radar concert...

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Video Premiere: "My Boy" by Marina Maximilian

Ukraine-born Israeli-based singer Marina Maximilian poses as a pregnant Mother Mary in her new music video "My Boy," whose theme she says is, "carrying love from the inside to the outside." "Shooting the video was a bit weird. I was very pregnant," she said in a press release.

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Have You Heard: KYGO, No Joy, BETS, and Astronauts, etc.

Here's the music news we're most excited for.Listen to "Stole the Show" by KYGONorwegian DJ and music producer, Kyrre Gorvell-Dahll, better known as KYGO, released his second single, "Stole the Show" featuring Parson James. The new single is groovy, filled with infectious tropical melodies accompanied by Brooklyn-based pop gospel singer Parson James' vocals.

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Big Phony's Guide to Seoul, Korea

As seen in our spring/summer 2015 issue of Travel with Purpose.Big Phony is the self-deprecating stage name of singer/songwriter Bobby Choy - but he's the real deal. This Korean artist was born New York City where his parents met and got married in the '60s (they're both originally from South Korea).

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Travel Guide to Sheffield, UK, by Drenge

Check in each week for Travel with Purpose, hometown guides from our favorite artists, where they'll share their favorite haunts and secret dives. So the next time you're in their hood, you can feel like a local.

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​SnowGlobe Music Festival 2014 Recap

Before starting our new year's resolutions, we gave a proper goodbye to 2014 at the annual SnowGlobe Music Festival.If you were one of 15,000 at South Lake Tahoe's sold out festival you were a part of the magical winter-wonderland celebration that ended the year on an extraordinary note.

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GIFT GUIDE: Holiday Gifts From Marvel Entertainment

Nerd-alert! We've found the perfect gift for your quirky family members and friends: access to the Marvel Universe through Marvel Unlimited -a gift any comic book lover would geek out over.Since 1939, Marvel has continuously provided genuine entertainment for nerds, rightfully earning the reputation for creating stories of relatable, heart-wrenching heroes and villains, and action-packed drama.

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