Hannah Green

Freelance Journalist

Location icon United Kingdom

I am a magazine journalism student entering my third and final year at Southampton Solent University. The course so far has enabled me to build on my cooperation skills as well as gain independence and a core knowledge of Journalism. Within this time I have also managed to develop my own voice and opinion and have had valuable work experience within the magazine journalism industry.

I am a dedicated worker - independently as well as collaboratively - very enthusiastic, open to new experiences and highly enjoy writing and designing, which will only get stronger as my drive for journalism does too.


Styleish was created by Jack Wetherill, Hannah Green and Emma Datson as part of our Magazine Production unit for our university course. Styleish is aimed at students with an interest in alternative fashion.

The X Factor - Making or Breaking Stars? ‹ In The Loop

21 Oct 2013 Posted by Hannah Green It's that time of year when we all look out the window and sigh at the sight of the rain trickling down the windowpane. However, we all know this only boils down to one thing. Hot chocolate, duvet days and The X Factor.

Made in Chelsea Review ‹ In The Loop

25 Oct 2013 Posted by Hannah Green Every Monday night, the lives of the socially elite that live in some of London's most exclusive post codes grace our TV screens with their Chelsea drama, and every week we sit with a glass of wine to watch.

The Big Bang Theory kicks off it's seventh series! ‹ In The Loop

04 Nov 2013 Posted by Hannah Green Whether you're a science geek, technology lover or just love american TV, everyone can get stuck into an episode of The Big Bang Theory. With the seventh season having just kicked off, it gives people a chance to brush up on their love for chemistry and join the boys every Thursday who we know won't disappoint...

The X Factor review! ‹ In The Loop

12 Nov 2013 Posted by Hannah Green You know when Christmas is near; because everyone is in the festive mood and cheerful holiday songs are on repeat in all the shops. Another thing that keeps you going in the run up to Christmas - The X Factor.

Made in Chelsea - Spencer vs Andy! ‹ In The Loop

Things have been heating up recently, and it's not just the temperature of everyones houses. Made In Chelsea has been causing more controversy this series than in any of their previous ones, and it's the one programme that everyone yearns for on a Monday night.