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Hannah Bean

Location icon United States

Having exhausted the local library's supply of age-appropriate books, 7-year-old Hannah craved something new and exciting to read, so she started writing her own stories about trapped princesses and magical aardvarks. More than 20 years later, I haven't stopped writing (or voraciously consuming every book in sight).

These days, I favor creative non-fiction over magical aardvarks. I'm infinitely curious about the world around me, from the befuddling rites of modern society to the majesty of tardigrades. My writing is more or less a justification for falling into hours-long Google holes and I love to take readers with me as I ponder how highway construction mirrors our mental health care system.

As a recent graduate considering an MFA, I'm branching out into copywriting, which I see as the perfect marriage between my loves for research, craft, and the kind of creative problem solving that keeps my ever-churning brain happy.


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