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Writing, reporting, policy, dog stuff.

Curious gadabout, in Seattle by way of Oregon.
Smitten with a small dog and a well-crafted sentence.

I'm a freelance writer and reporter. I write about poverty and access, Seattle-area politics, sports, A&E,
health and beauty, lady issues, and basically anything that interests me.

Get at me. We'll probably be fast friends.

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Happy 42nd Birthday to the Quiet Hero of the American Household

My mother's pocketbook was always massive. In addition to carrying checks, it was also stuffed with receipts, change, and numerous forms of payment for groceries. Specifically,...

Everyday Feminism

4 Critical Reasons Why Unions Are a Feminist Issue - Everyday Feminism

The decline is due to a variety of factors (including anti-union policies, trade agreements, and the decline of the manufacturing industry, among other things) and has impacted...


Why women smile at men who sexually harass us.

She does it because she has to ... but she just shouldn't have to.


The Etiquette of Purchasing Pot

Despite the apocalyptic warnings of anti-legalization activists and organizations, in the almost three years since Washington voters opted to decriminalize the sale of...

Seattle Met

There's Always Room on the Bandwagon

The Ultimate 12th Man Guide I'm a fan and you're a fan. Can we stop fighting and hate the 49ers together?


Service Work Is Skilled Work. Get Over It. - Plz Pay Up

Factory jobs are gone. Barista jobs are here to stay. It's time to recognize that and pay people accordingly.

The Billfold

One Little Way The Tax Code Sucks For Student Loan Borrowers - The Billfold

Student debt is a hot issue—but what if we could help millions of students with their loans just by changing the tax code?

Civic Skunk Works

How the GOP's Anti-Poverty Plans Ignore the Rural Poor

Despite their best attempts to burn Quicken Loans Arena to the ground with white supremacy, plagiarism, and fog machines, the Republican National Convention continues to bumble...

The Frisky

Depression And The Privilege Of Just Staying Home - The Frisky

When a woman who lived in my college apartment complex became overcome by her depression, took a hiatus from school, and went to stay with her parents a few hours away, I...


Ballard's Macefield house: A lot of symbolism for a little house

One of my favorite pieces I've written, this examination of Ballard's famous Macefield House allowed me to probe a local folktale and find out what the real story was.



This List Ignited a Serious Debate Over How to Help Your Employees Not Go Hungry

A list instructing employers on how to help workers who struggle to afford food has spurred a fiery debate on social media. The term food insecurity refers to people whose eat...

Ignite Seattle

Impostor Syndrome: Being Two Kids In A Trench Coat

The time I gave a talk!


Topping This Week's News: '$70,000 NOW!'

A Seattle CEO cuts his own pay so he can double his employees' salaries - is this a new model for capitalism? Should Washington state tax the megarich? Does Woodland Park Zoo...


Sound Effect, Episode 6: Vice

"Sound Effect" is a weekly tour of ideas, inspired by the place where we live. The show is hosted by KPLU's Gabriel Spitzer. Each week's show will explore a different theme. In...

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer


Self-Publishing: No Longer Just A Vanity Project

I was interviewed for NPR once, because I self-published a novel. Single most exciting experience of my life.