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I am at my happiest when I am turning a word over and over in my mind. Stringing a series of words together into a phrase that's silky smooth is pretty good, too.

Copywriter and editor based in Brooklyn. Currently of MarketSmiths, formally of WGBH News and NHPR.



26.2: The 2016 Boston Marathon

The 2016 Boston Marathon project was a collaboration between WGBH, WGBH News, and NOVA. I worked to write, edit, and publish script and content for the project alongside the WGBH Digital team.

Trump, Twitter, And The 'Real' Politican

There are a lot of things you can say about Donald Trump. Marco Rubio says he's a con artist; Hillary Clinton calls him a bigot. But Trump supporters only need one word to describe their candidate: "real". And what makes Trump seem so real to his voters? Just look at his Tweets.

#BernieOrBust? Sadness, Anger On Social Media Following Sanders' Endorsement

Social media is churning with the news that Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton, effectively ending the Vermont senator's bid for the presidency. Despite news of a possible endorsement coming as early as last week, Facebook groups devoted to Sanders still reacted with shock and anger today.

Equal Pay For Women In Massachusetts

There's been a lot to celebrate lately in our collective move toward gender equality. Just yesterday, Charlie Baker signed a pay equity bill into law in Massachusetts, hailed as the strongest in the country. For the first time ever, women are joining the ranks of the military elite and becoming army rangers.

The Boston Marathon, Mile 5: The Story Of Bobbi Gibb

It was at that point that Gibb realized her run was going to be a social statement. "Here's the whole tragedy of prejudice: if you're not allowed to do something, how can you ever prove you can do it?" Asks Gibb. Gibb took a Greyhound bus back to Boston for the race.

Mass. ACLU Has A Plan For Police Body Cameras

The plan would focus on three touchstones: accountability, reliability, and transparency. Police would be required to record all encounters on the street to ensure that a clear course of events can be documented. Individual officers would not be allowed to decide what is worth recording or not recording; instead, the cameras would be turned on from the moment the officer arrives on the scene.

Two SCOTUS Rulings & One Mass. SJC Ruling In One Day. What Do They Mean?

The judicial branch was hard at work yesterday-the U.S. Supreme Court issued two major rulings on affirmative action and immigration, and here in Massachusetts the State Supreme Judicial Court released a decision based on the so-called "necessity defense." So how will the decisions play out locally?

Juno Probe Could Give Us Answers To Fundamental Questions About Our Solar System

On Independence Day, NASA celebrated a new victory when the spacecraft Juno successfully began its orbit of Jupiter, 540 million miles away from Earth. "There's a saying, you know, 'it's not rocket science.' Well today it really was rocket science," says Guy Buetelschies, Director or Space Explorations Systems for NASA.

Zinkerz Content

Copy for Zinkerz Web Redesign

From January to May of 2018, I worked with the Zinkerz development team on a rebrand of the company's website. I wrote copy for each of the site's landing pages, and communicated with the marketing team to implement the rebranded message across social media platforms.

Zinkerz Blog

I write and manage publication for articles on Zinkerz's blog, hosted by Medium.

Undergraduate Work

Hamilton College
Wallace Takes Barthes

An essay for Contemporary American Literature on Roland Barthes' influence on David Foster Wallace.

Hamilton College
African-American Experience in Art Explored in New Class

This semester marks the introduction of a new course in the college's Art History department: African-American Art and Black Historical Experience. The proseminar, taught by Professor Stephen J. Goldberg, is the first in the College's history to reevaluate Western art from the African-American perspective.

Hamilton College
LEAP Draws to a Close, Looks Back at Successful Second Year

The Class of 2018's Leadership Experience And Preparation (LEAP) program's 12th and final meeting took place on Nov. 16. Sixteen Hamilton first-year students along with four LEAP mentors, gathered in a KJ classroom to escape the cold, Clinton November day, and discuss what goes into making an effective leader.