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Haley Beckstrand

Dancing against all odds

When she was told at the age of 13 that she would never dance again, if she even lived to adulthood, Ashleigh Di Lello made a choice to be a fighter. After battling a crippling illness for four and a half years, Di Lello overcame all odds to become a top finalist on "So You...

Broadway composer Frank Wildhorn shares talent with BYU

Multi-Grammy and Tony Award-nominated Broadway composer and producer Frank Wildhorn came to BYU on Sept. 3, and dazzled audiences with inspiring music and incredible creative genius. "The talent here at BYU is immense," Wildhorn said. "I don't know if it's in the water or what." Sporting a BYU hat throughout his entire concert, Wildhorn shared...

From bow ties to shorts, professors wear unique styles

There is a lot of variety in the way professors dress on campus. Some wear suits, some wear shorts, while others wear flashy bow ties. And professors say personal style in the classroom is no accident. Known to students as "the bow tie guy," William Christensen, a professor in the statistics department, said his dress...

Cause-related shopping: Philanthropy or fad?

Brands like TOMS Shoes and RIPEBRAND have come out of the woodwork recently as companies with a cause. With these new trends emerging, many BYU students wonder if supporting causes through purchases is philanthropy or just a fashion fad. Several companies have shared the stories behind their labels, stories of charitable giving and corporate responsibility....

Five-time Tony winner wows BYU audiences

Sharing, through song, an inspiring message of following one's dreams, award-winning actress and singer Audra McDonald left BYU audiences dazzled after performing two live concerts in the deJong Concert Hall this week. As a five-time Tony Award-winning singer and actress, and a two-time Grammy Award winner, McDonald is one of the best known names in...

America's mood map: Utah found as most agreeable place in the country

Utah was found in a recent study to be the number-one most agreeable state and the least neurotic place in the country, confirming that Mormons may be as nice as we think we are. The 13-year study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, gathered 1.6 million data response surveys from 48 states...

Come rain, come shine, chalk festival pulls through for a great cause

Nothing puts a damper on a chalk festival like a rain storm, but artists pushed through a wet weekend to produce beautiful pieces in support of a worthy cause. Chalk the Block at The Shops at the Riverwoods was a three-day street-painting festival full of live music, food vendors and over 280 chalk artists that...

Career and children: Can Latter-day Saint women have both?

Many LDS women consider the question of whether to work outside the home. Being mothers, homemakers and employees is an ever increasing lifestyle for women. Ali Carlile is a young mother with two kids, but she is also a highly successful entrepreneur and founder of Aqua Product Design in Vineyard.