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Sign Media Canada
News clippings

Assorted news clippings used in the April 2020 issue.

Sign Media Canada
News Clippings

Assorted news clippings used in the February 2020 issue.

Sign Media Canada
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Assorted news clippings used in the September 2019 issue.

Sign Media Canada
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Assorted news clippings used in the November 2019 issue.

Sign Media Canada
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Assorted news clippings used in the August 2019 issue.

Canadian Business Franchise (Winter Retail Guide)
News clippings

Assorted news clippings used in this issue

Canadian Business Franchise (Top Franchises 2019)
Just Beginning: International Workplace Group - Canadian Business Franchise

International Workplace Group (IWG) has launched its franchise program in Canada which provides a unique opportunity for franchisees to enter the flexible workspace industry. In recent years, flexible workspace-also known as co-working-has become a high-growth industry.

Sign Media
N.Y. mural honours deceased video game commentator - Sign Media

In November, a 12.1-m (40-ft) mural was unveiled in Desmond 'Etika' Amofah's memory. Amofah who was known for his colourful and dynamic video game commentary died by suicide in June. Overseers of the project hope to bring awareness to mental health.

St. Matthew's Bracondale House
Annual Report 2017

Annual Report for seniors' nonprofit St. Matthew's

Thrive Global
Why Being Authentic Is Important for Your Career - Thrive Global

Veterinarian Dr. Aziza Glass gives tips to aspiring professionals with big dreams. As an African American, Dr. Glass was not deterred in fulfilling her life long dream of working with animals. A graduate of Cornell's Veterinary School of Medicine, Dr. Aziza Glass is inspiring thousands with her booming career as a veterinarian.

Thrive Global
Former Army Servicewoman Shares How She Tackled Life's Challenges

Former Army servicewoman, Erika Navarrete is candid about the various hardships that she experienced in her life. Last year, when her mother left without a goodbye, Navarrete was forced to manage full - time work and studies while raising her son as a single mom.

Thrive Global
This African American Couple is Working on the First Rocket Ship to go to Mars

Despite being married in July, Myron and Tiera Fletcher are not slowing down with their ambitions to change the world. Tiera holds a degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT. Additionally, Myron holds a double degree in Aerospace Engineering and Physics from Tuskegee University as well as a Masters in Engineering Management from Duke University.

Thrive Global
Behind the Fade : Alvin Lam

"Similar to conceptual art, cutting hair is expressive in nature, it features historical and cultural traits, and it can be interpreted differently by others." Alvin Lam is a barber at HA : When did you start cutting hair ? When did you notice that you had a "knack" for cutting hair ?

The Pavlovic Today
3 Ways That Being Unforgiving Affects Your Life

Struggling with forgiving someone who just went too far? You may be causing yourself more harm than good. Read about these 3 ways to see how being unforgiving affects you mentally and physically. I think it's fair to say that we all have someone that we may be holding some bitterness towards.

The Pavlovic Today
5 Proven Strategies For Workplace Wellness - The Pavlovic Today

Would you like to work for a company that celebrates workplace wellness? Winners of the inaugural Employee Recommended Workplace Award share their tips for workplace wellness. 1. Be open to new ideas Alastair Macdonald, senior vice-president, human resources, Nestlé Canada Inc., Toronto says that"Not too long ago an employee introduced a meditation program that is now run on Skype for employees working offsite to join".

The Pavlovic Today
6 Secrets For Creating Meaningful Relationships This Summer

Do you want to create better relationships? These 6 steps will help you create and maintain meaningful relationships this summer. 1. Be Friendly To initiate friendships, present yourself as open. Smile and kindly introduce yourself to new people. Practice a mini introduction and a couple of ice - breakers beforehand to remove nervousness.

The Pavlovic Today
5 Ways To Make Your Life A Meaningful One

1. Take Risks Now is the time to work on your passion project. Don't live your life building other people's dreams. In an article for The Guardian , Bronnie Ware, palliative nurse and author of The Top Five Regrets of the Dying shared the number one regret of the dying.

The Pavlovic Today
4 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Rocky Balboa

I share four "nuggets" of wisdom that the Rocky series has taught me. Refer to these when you're going through a difficult period in your life. 1. You will Experience Difficulties in Life Rocky Balboa encountered various hardships in the film series. This includes losing his best - friend and wife to death.

The Pavlovic Today
The Healing Power Of Cooking With Lifestyle Blogger and Cook Kezia Eniang

In an interview for The Pavlovic Today, British lifestyle and cooking blogger Kezia Eniang discusses the healing power of cooking and offers advice for all of you who are seeking a creative inspiration to start cooking now. British lifestyle and cooking blogger Kezia Eniang is known for her Youtube Channel Kezia Eniang and blog: Kezia's Kookbook .

The Pavlovic Today
7 Money Management Habits That You Should Start Right Now

At university, I received a multitude of scholarships and bursaries. I also had a steady, part-time job and other sources of income. I was definitely blessed. However, at the same time, I did not establish proper money management habits. After university, I was thrust into a world of limited cash.

Docs N' Dots
Shooting Duality : Shirley Yu

Interview with NYC digital photographer Shirley Yu for Docs N' Dots. She is a part of the Women in Technology series and discusses mixing technology with creativity.

Downsview Advocate
Daugthers of Diaspora : Ojo Agi

Interview with visual artist Ojo Agi for Docs N' Dots. She is a part of the Women in Technology series (capitalizing on her success on Tumblr in order to make a career). Article was published in The Downsview Advocate.

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