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How to be an Advocate for Women's Mental Health

The first year of the student-led Women's Mental Health Talks (WMHT) had an overwhelming amount of success at York University. The success indicates the need for open-spaces for women to share their thoughts, struggles and feelings. Shalyn Isaacs (third year Psychology student), the founder of WMHT had her own struggles with self-esteem, anxiety and depression.

St. Matthew's Bracondale House
Annual Report 2017

Annual Report for seniors' nonprofit St. Matthew's

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Why Being Authentic Is Important for Your Career - Thrive Global

Veterinarian Dr. Aziza Glass gives tips to aspiring professionals with big dreams. As an African American, Dr. Glass was not deterred in fulfilling her life long dream of working with animals. A graduate of Cornell's Veterinary School of Medicine, Dr. Aziza Glass is inspiring thousands with her booming career as a veterinarian.

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Former Army Servicewoman Shares How She Tackled Life's Challenges

Former Army servicewoman, Erika Navarrete is candid about the various hardships that she experienced in her life. Last year, when her mother left without a goodbye, Navarrete was forced to manage full - time work and studies while raising her son as a single mom.

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This African American Couple is Working on the First Rocket Ship to go to Mars

Despite being married in July, Myron and Tiera Fletcher are not slowing down with their ambitions to change the world. Tiera holds a degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT. Additionally, Myron holds a double degree in Aerospace Engineering and Physics from Tuskegee University as well as a Masters in Engineering Management from Duke University.

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Behind the Fade : Alvin Lam

"Similar to conceptual art, cutting hair is expressive in nature, it features historical and cultural traits, and it can be interpreted differently by others." Alvin Lam is a barber at HA : When did you start cutting hair ? When did you notice that you had a "knack" for cutting hair ?

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How To Bake The Most Fabulous Cake

Amanda Foong of HA : Growing up, did you watch the Food Network HA : Who are your culinary inspirations ? ? HA : You started in Forensics Psychology and ended up in the cake industry. Did you eventually receive formal training ?

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Embrace Your Body's Curves N' Quirks : Courtney Quinn

Courtney Quinn has over 240, 000 followers on various social media platforms. After graduating from HA : Where does your love for bright colours and eclectic patterns come from? Why is your dog's name Waffles? Arizona State University HA : Do you recall a negative experience regarding your personality?

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