Guy Allenby

Journalist, author and communication specialist

An ex-staff feature writer and section editor at the Sydney Morning Herald, I have written on subjects ranging from architecture, design and property to travel, television and health.
My biography of mind-body medical pioneer Ian Gawler, "The Dragon's Blessing" (Allen & Unwin) was first published in Australia in October 2008 (2nd edition 2010; released in the USA September 2011).
I hold a BA in journalism from the University of Canberra and a Masters in media and communication from the University of Sydney.



Allen & Unwin
Ian Gawler: The Dragon's Blessing

Before Lance Armstrong and his bike, there was Ian Gawler and his extraordinary fight for survival against cancer. The inspirational biography of the cancer survivor and mind-body medicine pioneer.

ABC Radio National, Life Matters
Ian Gawler: The Dragon's Blessing (Radio Interview)

Ian Gawler and Guy Allenby appear on ABC Radio National, Life Matters to discuss the launch of Guy Allenby's biography of Ian Gawler, ‘The Dragon’s Blessing’.

ORO Editions
Elements: The Heart of the City

This monograph of a Hong Kong mini-city tracks and tells the human stories behind a massive piece of modern design, showcased in stunning images and photography.

Pesaro Publishing
eight great houses

A collection of stories about the people and events that lie behind the design, the construction, and the restoration of eight Australian homes.

Features - The Sydney Morning Herald

the (sydney) magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald
The good, the bad, the ugly

THE Barangaroo redevelopment is supposed to be Sydney’s grandest project – a visionary statement to make the city proud. But have the planners got it right?

the (sydney) magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald
Domestic bliss

PETER Stutchbury is passionate about Australians learning to truly live within their environment, and he has the design credentials to do something about it.

Sydney Morning Herald
SMH Archive -- Guy Allenby

Search results for articles written by Guy Allenby in The Sydney Morning Herald (links to hundreds of stories).

Features - The Australian

The Australian
Planners face a dilemma as cities move up and out

SOMEONE'S born every minute and 47 seconds, someone shuffles off every three minutes and 36 seconds and, on average, a new migrant arrives on our shores every two minutes and 49 seconds. This means our population could nearly double in the next 50 years, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The Australian
Glimpse of gold in water view

NO ONE in Sydney, wrote playwright David Williamson in Emerald City, "ever wastes time debating the meaning of life - it's getting yourself a water frontage".

The Australian
Fine eye to detail

LUXURY is a word that can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. "But it doesn't have to do with the size of something," Nic Owen says.


TB or not TB? A second opinion on Ian Gawler's cancer

Late last year, two oncologists went public with a theory that cancer survivor Ian Gawler's secondary cancer may not have been cancer at all but tuberculosis instead. At the time, the story made front page news but expert testimony recently reported in The Age strongly disputes the claim.

Designing Culture

Peter Duncan describes the Shanghai studio of Hassell, an Australian architecture and design firm, as a "beautiful old warehouse". Chairman of the company, Duncan saw potential in the voluminous ex-motorcycle factory, located beside the Huangpu River in the heart of the city, three years ago.

What meditation really
The Roaring Silence

Isn’t it strange how silence – if you care to listen -- feels full rather than empty; pregnant with possibility rather than absent of meaning?

what meditation really
The next communication revolution

AT its core, human communication is about one individual and their relationship to other individuals, right?

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