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Gretchen Salois

Senior Editor, Writer

Gretchen Salois is senior editor at Modern Metals and FFJournal magazines in Chicago, covering the manufacturing and metals industries. She previously worked as a reporter for Directorship magazine in Boston, covering corporate governance and business news. Salois graduated from Boston University with a B.A. in International Relations with a concentration in economics and business.

Ever prepared

Printing metal parts is changing the way the U.S. military responds to shortages, supply chain hold ups

Faster Foundation

SpeedCore technology is changing how buildings are designed and constructed, while offering new work for fabricators

FFJournal magazine
Bitchin' Rides

Tricked-out tenacity is how Dave Kindig taught himself how to fabricate hot rods

FFJournal magazine
Empower women, boost industry

Women Who Weld organization teaches skills that give participants access to a male-dominated profession

FFJournal magazine
Printing with purpose

Pioneers rethink additive manufacturing to tackle complex geometries with stunning results

We ask the questions

Software has evolved into an invaluable tool linking shop floor through supply chain

FFJournal magazine
The future is now

It's not often we're able to step out of our every day to see how others live and work. This reporter travels to Japan to observe technology at work.

Reachable resource

Combating talent pool drain, fabrication shops of all sizes must consider investing in technology to alleviate pain points on the shop floor

Outer Limits

NASA and partners aim to arm astronauts with unprecedented payload capabilities and 3D printing aboard the International Space Station

FFJournal magazine
Overcoming obstacles

Nonprofit initiative connects those facing barriers ample employment opportunities

FFJournal magazine
We Need You

Reversing the stigma: Welders have a solid stake in the future of manufacturing

Cloud of steel

Steel sophistication serves as Rome's newest meeting place for industry

Moving monuments

Sculptors twist metal to mimic nature’s movement

Operation warfighter

The latest in metal additive manufacturing, fabrication and forming keeps troops well equipped and prepared

Hot rod dreamer

Growing up with a steel yard as his playground, it's natural that Steve Darnell reinvents vintage cars.

Severing steel

A bodybuilder makes the shift from bar bells to saw blades, hacking anything and everything in sight

Modern Metals
Reviving Chicago's railway

The bloodline of a pulsating metropolis, efforts to restore Chicago’s aging elevated train structure go beyond mere maintenance

Toolbox of tomorrow

For aerospace applications, additive manufacturing has evolved from impracticality to essential tool

Science/Technology/Additive Manufacturing

How to Protect Sensitive Data in SaaS Applications

More professionals and students use Software as a Service (SaaS) on a daily basis. It's not a question of whether to use cloud storage to back up information so much as it is to determine which solution will provide the safely guarded flexibility users expect. SaaS adoption is growing for a wide range of industries.

How Microcredentials Help Educators Develop New Tech Skills

A lot is demanded of teachers. In addition to their daily task of educating students, teachers must also continue to learn. Traditionally, that requires educators to take courses, whether in the classroom or online. In efforts to make time-mandated and compliance-based professional learning efficient, technology offers microcredentialing as a vehicle for educators to pursue personal growth.

Technology Solutions That Drive Education
As Hackers Infiltrate Familiar Software, Colleges Step Up Security Efforts

In April, Microsoft Word users encountered the scariest thing hiding in their software since Clippy. But instead of unwanted advice from an animated paper clip, these unsuspecting users found authentic-looking Word documents booby-trapped with malicious code. After users opened the rich text format file, the underlying harmful code infiltrated their systems, making private information vulnerable to hackers.

Technology Solutions That Drive Education
UC Davis Financial Aid Office Goes Mobile

As digital copies replace paper trails, a new set of safeguards must follow. At the University of California, Davis, the financial aid department has partnered with CampusLogic, a financial aid platform that gives students a secure way to file important documentation via mobile devices.

EdTech Magazine
Higher Ed Researchers Grow Living Cells with 4D Printing

Scientists are borrowing from nature to print objects that can move independently when submerged in water. Harvard University researchers recently used hygroscopic ink, which absorbs water, to push 3D printing into the 4D realm. The resulting shapes mimic the movement of leaves and petals as they react to stimuli.

08/01/2016 | Printing a motorcycle

Often veiled in secrecy, Airbus APWorks shows off its 3-D printing prowess July/August 2016 - Along with warmer days come the whirr and rumble of motorcycles cruising down the sun-soaked pavement. It is the closest feeling to flying while steady on the ground.

Modern Metals
12/01/2015 | Armed for life

“This new way of configuring alloys will dramatically change performance in metals and metal alloys,” says Modumetal CEO Christina Lomasney.


The argument for science

In an age where information is available on virtually any topic at the tap of a touchscreen, there is plenty of misinformation mangled into proven fact.

Legacy by fire

November 2016 - Earning a living can mean something completely different depending on who you talk to. Whether it's just to get by and hold on until retirement, or make it until the kids are through school, or as a way to define someone's purpose in life, a job isn't always "just a job."

Precious cargo

October 2016 - In a matter of nine months, 3D-metal-printed parts went from prototype to flight critical. It's an exciting time in the realm of metals...

FFJournal - Editorial
Break your toys

April 2016 - I'm a parent with roughly five years of experience under my belt wrangling three boys. My accepted threshold for a lot of things is being tested all the time. For example, I'm more and more used to the noise.

Up in the air

September 2015 - The planes overhead today are part of an aging fleet. Designers and engineers are making way for more efficient, faster aircraft and...


Some selections from 2008 - 2010

Directorship magazine
The Boardroom's Climate is Changing

Possible new reforms and a shift in the business world's attitude makes environmental disclosure a hot topic

Directorship magazine
A Season of Discontent

At annual meetings, shareholders are showing their frustration

Directorship - Harvard Law Media Mentions
A 'Chewable' Poison Pill

Harvard Professor Lucian Bebchuk has been trying to get companies to adopt a measure into their bylaws that would put restrictions on how they can use the controversial takeover defense to ward off unwanted suitors.