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Award-Winning Writer, Editor, Publisher and Content Architect

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A veteran editor, writer and publisher. I have worked with and covered an array of markets and industries: retail, automotive, digital currency, specialty/industrial printing, outdoor advertising, design, fine art, woodlot management and many others.

Give Your Banners an Edge

Everyone likes having an edge - aka, an advantage - whether it's in business, in sports, or life in general. Having an advantage, even a slight one, can often mean the difference between being a front runner or ending up at the back of the pack.
Strengthening a Sisterly Musical Bond

Midnight3, a band out of Parkland, Florida, comprises three young talented sisters. Despite their modest years, the three have already had to endure the tragedy of a mass shooting and now a viral pandemic – but they have somehow managed to not only keep their spirits high but have also continued following their path of musical success.

Wide-Format Impressions
The Light That Did Not Fail

It’s no secret that UV technology has morphed the arena for wide-format graphics. The combination of UV lamps, UV-curable inks, and UV-enabled printers has given print providers quick curing capabilities, low-VOCs, and a stepped-up quality level.
Delivering Free, Printable COVID-19 Signage Templates

As companies and consumers across the U.S. (and around the world) hunker down in an effort to stem the tide of the coronavirus/COVID-19, we recognize that many businesses may be struggling when it comes to appropriate signage that delivers critical messaging to customers, clients, employees and others.

44691 Magazine
Game of Stones

Located just north of Cincinnati, the Loveland Castle is the perfect place to indulge your medieval fantasies.
Engaging More Customers Through Digital Signage

At the Staples Center, Toshiba joined with AEG, the LA Kings professional hockey team, and the Staples Center facility to cut the ribbon on LA Interactive powered by Toshiba

Step-By-Step Graphics
Making the Complex Simple

Up-front research and concepting steer Cahan & Associates toward a comic-book solution for a high-tech client.

44691 Magazine
The Best of Both Worlds

Film festivals aren't just about going to the theater. They combine movies with the true meaning of "festival" -- they're a celebration of what films and cinema are all about.

Cincy Magazine
Fueling a County's Growth

At the Warren County Career Center, Rick Smith is helping students and area businesses pursue new opportunities. “With [the county’s] growth, we have to ensure that we’re prepared to meet the needs of our community,” he says.

Wide-Format Impressions
Live and Let Dye

Dye-sublimation, direct-to-fabric and direct-to-garment technologies can boost print providers' bottom lines -- as long as they're open to change.

Sign Builder Illustrated
SunDance’s Successful Expedition

What do you do after operating a 50,000-acre game reserve and cattle ranch in Kenya? Why, you buy a fine-art print business in Orlando, of course, and then proceed to turn that company into a successful full-service print operation.

The Big Picture
FOCUS - Dispatches from the Industry

Five critical issues confronting print providers and the wide-format market. A special section and one-shot that enabled industry manufacturers, suppliers and associations to directly address the marketplace.
The Retail Side of the Virtual-Currency Equation

What drives a merchant to begin accepting virtual currency as payment? And, how can that acceptance help drive sales – and perhaps even change up a retailer's customer mix?

Cincy Magazine
Moving the Region's Transportation Needle

How does the Tristate not only ensure its current workforce remains in the area, but also attracts more workers to the region? While there are many ways, here’s a factor that is all too often taken for granted: good transportation options.

The Big Picture
Media Kit

Media kit covers and their interiors need not be boring. When an advertiser prospect told one of our sales reps that she thought she was receiving an issue of the magazine, I took it as praise for a media-kit job well done!

The Big Picture
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Print

Ryan Thelen had suffered enough. A history teacher in Cincinnati, he was on a quest to be free of the tyranny of having to resort to the common 12 x 18-inch souvenir copies of the US Declaration of Independence to show his students.

The Cannata Report
EFI Adds Two New Jewels to its Print Roster

Ten years after the VUTEk acquisition, EFI has made another major splash—perhaps its biggest to date. The company has acquired not only Matan Digital Printers but also Italy-based Reggiani Macchine, which manufactures industrial inkjet printers for printing onto fabrics.

The Big Picture
Fast, Even When Standing Still

Auto racing, aficionados would say, isn't just a sport-it's an art. There may be no better proof of this than BMW's 17th "Art Car," a beautiful rolling masterpiece created by artist Jeff Koons.

The Big Picture
One Piece at a Time

How Jonathan Brand created a full-size 1969 Ford Mustang Coupe ... using just paper and ink.

The Big Picture
Game, Set and Match

At the BB&T Atlanta Open pro tennis tournament, GCI Graphics served up the wide-format equivalent of an ace. In its third year support­ing the event, the shop produced all of the tourney's on-court graphics.

44691 Magazine
Forestry in the Foothills

The annual Paul Bunyan Show brings together lumberjacks, forestry professionals and everyday landowners from across the state and beyond.

The Big Picture
10 Covers

B2B or B2C, a magazine's cover doesn't just have to be a boring grip-and-grin shot, nor a product-y image. Instead, I've always striven for an end result that is visually exciting while remaining true to the story inside. I was fortunate to have the chance to direct three excellent designers in the creation of these covers: Bill Parsons (7/12), Kathleen DeZarn (11/13, 6/14) and Laura Mohr (all the rest). Logo design and magazine template by Tricia Bateman.

Printing News
Drawing Up an Aggressive Game Plan for Print Franchise Growth

Whether it’s a college team taking part in March Madness or a pro team competing for the NBA Championship, a good team will craft a game plan that takes advantage of last year’s “positives.” Similarly, print franchises are looking to ensure the game plans they’ve drawn up are effective – and their “teams” emerge victorious.

The Big Picture
Creating Winning Websites

Often a print provider's first customer contact point, your website has the potential to have a deep impact on sales.

The Big Picture
Show Tech Review: Inkjet @ Drupa

The massive two-week exposition in Dusseldorf, Germany, boasted 19 separate halls, drew nearly 315,000 attendees from 130 countries, and featured more than 1800 exhibitors. Saying the show is like a small city unto itself is not much of an exaggeration.

Cincy Magazine
Keys to Managing Your Wealth

In the classic 1979 film, 'Being There,' Chance the gardener - mistaken as an economic and political guru - is referring to the task of gardening when he tells the president that "growth has its seasons-first comes spring and summer, then fall and winter, and then we get spring and summer again."

Retail Customer Experience
New Balance's Live Launch

The footwear manufacturer partners with Brandlive to produce a four-day series of online and in-store video events— all designed to promote the debut of its latest 880 running shoe line to retail customers and retail store employees.

The Big Picture
Fast Times at the Speed Cantina

When the Phoenix International Raceway decided to add the Speed Cantina sports bar, it chose Detail Design & Fabrication for the logo design, wall mural fabrication and much more.

The Big Picture
Editorial: Battling Bigger Competitors

Consider these actions and strategies when you're confronting a larger company for business ... no, I'm not advocating a spear in the eye.

The Big Picture
The Sky King

Ampco Grafix wraps sea planes for Harbour Air in Vancouver.

Digital Output
Help From the Holy

Today, you can add database management, indexing and digital imaging to monks’ efforts – at least to those working with the Electronic Scriptorium, a company specializing in digital-image captioning and legacy-file conversion.

BodyShop Business
Taking Care of Your VIPs

The collision-repair shop in pursuit of perfection provides customers (and prospects) with a positive, professional impression of the business with every contact.

Digital Output
Golden Heart

Artist Helen Golden's "tradigital work" depends upon wide-format printing technologies and media.

Digital Output
Matching Nature's Colors

The color-matching process at Camera Darkroom & Digital has curbed color corrections and limited proof expenses for Santa Fe Greenhouses.

The Big Picture
Adding 'Wow' to Wide-Format Graphics

Eight ways to help differentiate your customer’s wide-format job, ensuring that the project and the product get the buzz they deserve.

Inside Supply Management
Steel: Lock Now or Buy On the Spot?

This may be the worst period in steel buying in modern history, says John Anton. "Once the tonnage runs out, there will be shortages."

Inside Supply Management
Hershey Takes a Lead in Sustainable Sourcing

In an effort to up its game regarding transparency and simple ingredients, Hershey has pursued a variety of programs, including the SmartLabel Initiative, its Cocoa for Good strategy and the Project Peanut Butter program

Inside Supply Management
Sourcing for Flight

At Southwest Airlines, how supply management aligns with the company’s strategic vision, sourcing strategies, risk mitigation and supply chain security

Wide-Format Impressions
The Evolving Printhead

As with many products and tools, inkjet printheads have been changing as a result of the needs of customers — in this case, print service providers (PSPs).

Sign Builder Illustrated
Joining the Soft-Signage Revolution

If you've been to one of the major tradeshows in the past few years, you've seen firsthand the exponential growth of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors playing in the fabric side of the market.

Step-By-Step Graphics
Winning Ways with Sports Logos

Rickabaugh Graphics comes out a winner in a logo it designs for the Ohio State University athletics program.

The Artist's Magazine
Becoming Syndicated

Sage advice to cartoonists, illustrators, writers and other creatives from five of the top syndicates in the country.

Wide-Format & Signage
Designing a Space for Students

When helping create a student community center, persistence and attention to detail pay off for FastSigns in York, Pennsylvania

An Industrial Slant

In San Francisco's SOMA district, Morla Design has avoided trendiness and created a studio that's a functional as well as an aesthetic success.

The Big Picture
Editorial: Turtles All the Way Down

When you find the employee who is willing to put it all on the line and push the envelope to prove him- or herself, don’t hesitate to go along for the ride.

The Big Picture
Beating Mother Nature to the Punch

PacBlue Printing created three faux, scaled-down houses to allow Vancouver homeowners to see what new plantings would look like once they were grown -- without having to wait for next season.

The Big Picture
Coming Soon to a Billboard Near You

Art Everywhere will take over 50,000 sites across the United States, bringing fine-art masterpieces to billboards, subway platforms, bus shelters and more.

Writer's Digest
Words on Wheels

How Steve Roberts wrote his way across the United States -- on a solar-powered bicycle equipped with two micro-computers.

The Artist's Magazine
A Preseparation Strategy

How artist Fred Brenner preseparated his illustrations for 'Little One Inch,' to achieve better reproduction results.

The Entertainer
Courting a Good Cause: The ATP Championships

Cincinnati has an established reputation when it comes to tennis - the Western Tennis Championships moved here in 1969 and remained until the ATP Championships began 10 years later.

The Big Picture

FedEx Office and DeLorme worked together to restore Eartha, the world's largest rotating and revolving globe.

Graphic Artists' Book Club
Book Review: Tips on Type

Reviewing three classic Bill Gray books for artists and designers: 'Tips on Type,' 'Studio Tips' and 'Lettering Tips'

The Big Picture
Terminator Repurposed

To encourage sustainability efforts, LAGraphico repurposed the vinyl it used in producing promotional projects for 'Terminator Salvation.'

The Big Picture
Mars Needs H2O

Ad agency Cramer-Krasselt teamed up with Circle Graphics and Clear Channel Outdoor for an outdoor showcase that's out of this world.

The Big Picture
Capturing Joan of Arc

Dorothy Simpson Krause creates her "HERetic: Joan of Arc" limited-edition book utilizing HP Indigo and Designjet printers.
Fiction + Coffee Review: Surfer Joe & Georgia Wild Drip

Ever since he had become addicted to Georgia Wild Drip, all Surfer Joe could do was stay on the beach getting crusty, while he watched the blue waves roll in. Just watching, though, almost always made him nervous. So, quite often, he'd have to focus his eyes on the horizon rather than on the water. He wasn't sure he could last much longer living like this.

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