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Greer Barnes


Location icon United States

My passion for writing has translated into a career as a copywriter and freelancer helping businesses and individuals alike tell their stories. My writing experience expands across a variety of industries, from fashion and beauty to social media and startup technology.

When Real-Time Data is Actual Real-Time Data

Many data platforms claim they can provide their customers with real-time insights, but their definition of "real-time" is often debatable. True, real-time data is not only obtained in real time but offers brands, retailers, and agencies up-to-the-second information on their customers' behavior.

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5 Products for Achieving that 'No-Makeup' Makeup Look - AKA Mom Magazine

By Greer Barnes You know that woman. Maybe you see her dropping her kids off at school when you pull into the same parking lot. She may even frequent the same grocery store. Her skin is glowing and her eyelashes are long and dark without looking false. She's a natural beauty...or is she?

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What You Need to Know About STEM Education - AKA Mom Magazine

By Greer Barnes If you have a child between the ages of five and eighteen, then you've probably heard the acronym STEM tossed around at parent-teacher conferences or PTA meetings. You probably don't know, however, just how important STEM education is and will be for years to come. For years the U.S.

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Streamline Your Summer Wardrobe the Parisian Way - AKA Mom Magazine

When you're a busy mom taking care of everyone else, it can be difficult to find the time to take care of your own stuff, namely a disorganized and overstuffed closet. But thanks to the genius concept of the ten-item wardrobe, you won't have to struggle in search of the perfect outfit ever again.

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Get Perfect Beach Hair Without the Beach - AKA Mom Magazine

Sometimes it seems likes hair has a mind of its own. On the days you want to style your long hair into a sleek ponytail your hair refuses to be anything but frizzy. Maybe you cut your hair into a new short 'do only to discover you have no idea how to style it.

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Get Your Summer Glow on with Pellevé - AKA Mom Magazine

We've all paid the price for beauty in one way or another, whether it was wearing that pair of uncomfortable, sky-high heels that made our legs look great or enduring thirty minutes of painful eyebrow waxing to get that perfect arch.

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