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Deborah Graff

Freelance Writer

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Hi! I'm a fourth-generation Californian who loves to write, volunteer, and take care of my family.

Professional summary:
• Master's degree in English
• 20 years experience as a professional writer
• Current expertise includes commerce writing, product round-ups and reviews, humorous writing, listicles, blog posts, community-building content, book club content, SEO writing, researched articles, UX writing, and marketing materials

Commerce Article for 22 Words
27 Best Amazon Prime Perks You've Probably Never Heard Of

Right now is an amazing time to try Amazon Prime. You probably know about the fast, free shipping and Netflix-style video service, but I bet you haven't heard about all the perks available to Amazon Prime members. I've had Prime for years, but some of these were news to me!

Commerce Article for 22 Words
37 of the Best Things on Amazon Under $10

Amazon, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Today's answer is 37, because that's how many must-have products I found for under $10. One of my favorite things about online shopping is discovering unique, useful, or just plain fun items that I haven't seen elsewhere.

Travel Blog Post for LivItaly Tours
8 Bizarre Italian Foods | Livitaly Tours

#1. Cervelli Fritti The popular Italian dish cervelli fritti is precisely what it translates to: fried brains. Chefs take the tender young brains of lamb, calf, or veal, dredge them in beaten eggs and flour, then lightly fry until they are golden brown. These bite-size morsels are so rich and creamy you might think you’re eating ricotta cheese instead of literal brain food!

Travel Blog Post for Luxe Beat Magazine
5 Things You Need to Know Before You See Your First Broadway Show

A trip to New York City isn’t complete without going to the theater. For your first Broadway show, you might be wondering about all the details. How do you get a good deal on tickets? Do people dress up? Thanks to the expertise from the folks at TopView NYC, a sightseeing company in New York, we’ve answered all your questions to help make your first Broadway show a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Travel Blog Post for Magazines World
15 Best Restaurants in New Orleans

If your ideal trip includes eating your way across the Big Easy, this is the list for you. We scoured the local scene for iconic restaurants serving classics like gumbo and Po' Boys, but we didn't ignore the hot new trends. Vietnamese in NOLA? Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Commerce Article for 22 Words
31 Handy Gadgets on Amazon That Might Be Genius

Remember the old days, when you only learned about an amazingly useful product because your friend told you about it? Maybe sometimes you were lucky enough to spot that gadget you never knew you always needed in a brick-and-mortar store. But mostly, you just missed out. Thank goodness those sad days are over!

Blog Post for Beer Lover World
Discover the Top Ten Best Tasting American Beers

Belly up to your screen and get ready to crack open a cold one, because this is the best top-ten list you'll see all day. We did the research. We tasted the brews. We took a nap afterward. Then, we compiled this list of the best tasting American beers. Cheers!

Travel Blog Post for Fun With Kids in L.A.
Top 5 L.A. Beaches for Your Family Vacation

When planning a family vacation, many parents think immediately of a trip to the beach. Kids love the sand and surf, parents enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, and the entire family can have fun together at a variety of activities. Southern California offers an abundance of vacation opportunities, but we think the very best destinations are the beaches. Take a look at the top five L.A. beaches for your family vacation or trip, and decide which one suits you best.

Commerce Article for 22 Words
35 Products Perfect For Grown-Lady Life

Which rite of passage made you feel like a real grown-up? Maybe it was renting an apartment, getting married, or starting a full-time job. For me, it was buying my first lasagna pan. I know it sounds silly, but that humble pan signified that I had a home, an oven, and people to feed.

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