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Managing Editor at Gross Magazine. Contributing writer, Photographer and Copy Editor for Amadeus Magazine. Editorial Intern at Smart Meetings Magazine. Former staff writer for The Channels newspaper. Founding Poetry Editor of Painted Cave Literary Magazine. Good times enthusiast and admirer of the sea.



GRØSS Magazine
GRØSS MagazineArtist Feature: Alexandra Rubinstein Brings You Down Low

Russian born, New York-based artist Alexandra Rubinstein's work makes you double take. Your thumb jerks back up as you scroll past it on Instagram, it's intriguing, draws you in. To some it's electrifying, others may find it offensive. But Rubinstein doesn't care about that. She just wants to keep creating.

GRØSS Magazine-
GRØSS Magazine-* GRØSS Magazine-

Having spent most of his twenties coming in and out of San Francisco, appropriation artist Cheyenne Randall (@Indiangiver) recently visited for a week to work on a few projects. GRØSS got to catch his install of a piece in the Mission at the soon to be opening Fox Sister and instigated his rants about trying...

GRØSS Magazine-
GRØSS Magazine-Al Diaz and House of Roulx Release Rare Basquiat Portraits

Artist Al Diaz is releasing three photographic prints that he took in 1976 of his childhood friend and partner in starting the SAMO©... movement in New York, Jean-Michel Basquiat. Diaz, with the help of Instagram-SAMO©... and Massachusetts-based House of Roulx, has recently been bringing back the presence of the iconic SAMO©...

GRØSS Magazine
GRØSS Magazine* GRØSS Magazine

Ironically, there is a growing trend going on right now to stay away from trends. Big brands are seen to be lame, sell-outs and what people seem to consider the worst; fake. Authenticity is what people are drawn to; simplicity, and being core. It seems like everyone is trying so hard to make it look...


Grady Olson Archives | amadeus

Tucked away in a corner of Isla Vista, Calif., in one of the most party-heavy square miles along the coast, sits a little blue house. Foam particles often lay scattered across the driveway and a slight stench of resin stagnantly lingers in the air.

Moonflower: Artist Melissa Grisancich's Candescent Solo Show | amadeus

It's hard to tell if the artwork on clothing today is an original piece or just something ripped from the Internet. Yet despite the mass-production of stale graphics on t-shirts, there are a select class of clothing companies that are coming out with some pretty unique threads. RVCA is one of those brands.

The Non-Conformist: Artist Cannon Dill Does Things His Way | amadeus

Bay Area-native and Oakland-based artist Cannon Dill likes to let his work speak for itself. He is a coffee-drinking, soft-speaking, and hand-rolled cigarette smoking jack of all trades. He can sew, draw, screen print, paint, graffiti, and is starting to think about trying his hand at filmmaking in the somewhat near future.

Napkin Doodling with Illustrator and Designer DJ Javier | amadeus

There's paper coming out of one of the pockets of his backpack. Color pencils and a roll of blue tape live in between the sketchbooks that are filled with drawings, and drawings taped on top of other drawings. DJ Javier is definitely the most eccentric looking individual at seven in the morning at the French Press Cafe.

Smart Meetings Magazine

Smart Meetings
Grady Olson, Author at Smart Meetings

Born in San Diego and grew up in the ocean. Has shaped his own surfboards, sewed his own clothes, lived in Montana briefly, Santa Barbara for five years where he was working on an avocado ranch and fishing boats, and now currently and for the last year in San Francisco.

The Channels, SBCC

The Channels
Yosemite: a place for reflection and changing perceptions

In the mountains of Yosemite, Lake Vernon, the societal pressures disappear and the natural world takes me away from technological distractions into a place of quiet serenity. There looks to be a bench made from a tree, up and over the little hill and on top of a ledge overlooking our campsite.

The Channels
Late night discussions about God causes religious pondering

A few friends and I share a similar trait once slightly inebriated. We like to talk; small talk, big talk, girl talk, drunken talk and every now and then a deep talk. Topics range from what love really is, parenting, our next surfboard we are going to shape (yes, we can get deep on that...

The Channels
Student apathy and distraction

With every new semester comes the autopilot questions to classmates that you haven't seen in a while. "How was your break, did you go home?" Followed by the copilot response of "it was good, I went home for a little, and it was nice." But what's odd to me is that no one really mentions...

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