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Grace is a Finance and Writing student who is strongly interested in startups, including but not limited to fintech, healthtech, AI, and AR. Beyond writing, Grace is a highly curious individual with work experience in sales and marketing, public relations, and business development.


Huffington Post

The Huffington Post
Talking Virtual Reality in Beijing

Yesterday, Unity Labs wrapped up its second VR/AR summit in Beijing as a successor to their first summit in Hollywood last February. The keynote, presented by VR visionaries at Unity, Vuforia, Sony, Samsung, and Valve, was delivered to a room filled with attendees ranging from engineers and programmers to film directors and artists.

The Huffington Post
The Technology of Fashion in Toronto

Fashion and startups are two things Toronto can't get enough of. Style has become indispensable in the startup world, from sleek, open-concept working spaces to its glamorization in pop culture. Just as techies are taking their aesthetics seriously, fashionistas have been taking strides the tech space as well.

Bay Street Bull Magazine

Bay St. Bull Magazine
30X30 - Technology

Annual Profiling of 30 Notable Canadians, Ages 30 and Under

Bay St. Bull Magazine
Sharing the Economy with AI

We’ve embraced consumer-side artificial intelligence (AI) with open arms. We’re fine with Siri getting smarter with each update and getting into a car that drives itself. The injection of AI into our products and services has been referred to as ‘cognification’ by Kevin Kelly, executive editor of Wired magazine, amongst others in the media sphere.

Corporate Knights

Bay Street Bull Magazine
Finding Your Personal Brand of Sustainable Investing

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors have been demonstrated by the market to be a permanent consideration for consumers making purchasing decisions. Mobile applications like ThinkDirty rank beauty products based on environmental and health implications. Organic and fair-trade certifications are key marketing points in popular health-orientated grocery stores like Whole Foods. Why then, is the formidable finance industry stagnating to catch up with the increased demand in...

Creative Fiction + Non-Fiction

Western University

This was my ace. Between ages six and ten, I lived in a brown, eight-storied apartment building at the corner of a major street and a smaller street that branched into suburbia. In a south-facing room on the seventh floor, I learned my first words in my adoptive tongue. I watched my parents drift apart and into dish-breaking animosity, taking turns sinking into depression as the other kept us financially afloat.

Western University
Dear Writer

very morning he would slide his palm across her neck and inhale her earthy hair. He would open the curtains to allow sunlight to cascade over her lithe body. Then, he would turn his gaze towards the deep azure from where it all began.

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