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Gemma Lochhead (née Ralph)

Editor, Hospitality Interiors Magazine

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Hospitality Interiors Magazine
Detroit – A city rising from the ashes?

From a prosperous metropolis with a thriving auto industry to a city crippled by insurmountable debt and social division, Detroit’s fall from grace has been well documented. Thankfully its current climate of rejuvenation is attracting equal attention.

Hospitality Interiors Magazine
Shinola Hotel, USA

Recognised for its luxury watches and premium leather goods, Shinola has added a new string to its bow with the launch of its first hospitality venture.

Hospitality Interiors Magazine
Vilnius – The Baltic city with big ambitions

Whatever your feelings on the new advertising campaign from development agency, Go Vilnius – the tagline of which is “Vilnius; the G-spot of Europe” – there’s no doubting that Lithuania’s capital is garnering increasing attention

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2019 – Industry Report

2019 could paint a mixed picture for the UK’s hospitality industry: on the one hand ongoing economic and political uncertainty that could see dampened business investment growth, while on the other buoyant international tourism, a full calendar of sporting and cultural events to pull in the crowds, and a capital city that continues to operate extremely well on the global stage.

Hospitality Interiors Magazine
Villa Apasa, Corfu

Offering a new way to source luxury villa rentals, The Villa Collective prides itself on creating a seamless and personalised experience for its clients. Hospitality Interiors’ Gemma Ralph travelled out to the collective’s most recently-added property in Corfu to find out more ...

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In conversation with Robert Angell

Sitting across the table from Robert in his airy Wapping studio, he gives the impression of a mild-mannered, traditional soul – quietly confident, and holding a deep-seated respect for the great span of artists and designers that have come before him.

Hospitality Interiors Magazine
The boutique hotel chain with art at its heart

With the recent opening of their fourth Artist Residence hotel in Oxford, husband and wife team Justin and Charlie Salisbury are continuing to build upon their highly successful hospitality model. But it is only through sheer grit, determination, hard work, and a few mistakes along the way that they’ve arrived at this point. Hospitality Interiors’ Gemma Ralph finds out more ...

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