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Gabriela Leskur

Editor. Journalist. Designer.

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University of Notre Dame
Class of 2016

Resourceful. Creative. Dedicated.


ND Today

ND Today, Notre Dame Alumni News
Alum Walks in Ancestors' Footsteps

It was a trip daunting in size and scope, a total of 70 days and 1,300 miles where Bryan Printup '99 walked, ran, hiked, biked, and canoed from North Carolina to New York.

ND Today, Notre Dame Alumni News
ACE Rides into 20th Year of Service

ACE Rides into 20th Year of Service When the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) was founded in 1993, the future of the program was unclear. Twenty years since the program began--with a celebratory nationwide bus tour planned to cover 50 cities--the road ahead couldn't look more promising.

ND Today, Notre Dame Alumni News
Domer Brings New Life to Captain America

Behind the mask, the cape, and the suit of every superhero stands a seemingly ordinary individual blessed with an incredible gift. Behind Captain America stands Stephen McFeely '91.

ND Today, Notre Dame Alumni News
Alum Fights Hunger in America

Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick-the Gospels resound this call to action. Matt Knott '92, the newly appointed President of Feeding America, the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity, has responded to this call. In 2007, Matt Knott had a strong, successful career with increasing responsibilities at PepsiCo.

ND Today, Notre Dame Alumni News
Folk Choir Tours the Northeast

Folk Choir Tours the Northeast The Catholic Church is made of many parts, sewn together in faith like a patchwork quilt. On a pilgrimage through the Northeast-from New York City to Newtown, Conn.-the Notre Dame Folk Choir encountered many colorful sections of this Catholic quilt and the common thread between them.

Parenting Perspectives

Expectant parents often read lots of baby books to prepare for raising their child. Perhaps they should read the research of Notre Dame professors as well. Many Notre Dame faculty are studying parenthood-from birth and beyond-with noteworthy implications. ND Today has compiled interesting insights from select studies led by Notre Dame professors that offer new perspectives on parenthood.

The Observer

The Observer (Notre Dame/Saint Mary's)
Gabriela's Double Dog Dare: Climb a Tree

I remember when I was little, my cousins and I would play tag all the time. It's probably one of my fondest childhood memories. The tree in their front yard was base and we had to climb the tree to be safe.