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Lead Generation was my first job as a Virtual Assistant on October 2013. As time goes by, I explored the different kinds of Internet Marketing specially on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)

I also pursued my talent in Writing. My Creative Writing is focused on Self-help Development Niche but I can write almost anything through Extensive Research for Marketing, Career, and Business Topics.

I love Creating, Planning, and Organizing Documents. My Strategic Planning is EEE, short term for Extra, Effort, Efficiency.


Creative Writing (Marketing Niche)

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How Can You Really Be Social on Social Media for Business?

Having social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus, etc.. for personal uses are really entertaining. When I wake up in the morning, I usually check my social media accounts before I get up from bed.

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The Wasted Marketing

Looking back from the past, I still remember how I got my first job as a VA (Virtual Assistant). I learned the different kinds of Marketing through experiences. LinkedIn Marketing Facebook Marketing Online Marketing E-mail Marketing D.K.M. (Different Kinds of Marketing) ; as I have said from above.

Creative Writing (Self-help Development Niche)

How To Think Positive
Where Happiness Really Starts

Growing up may be the hardest part of life. It's the time when we seek our path of what we truly want in life. We keep looking for something or someone that we think will make us happy. But..

How To Think Positive
How Being Positive Internally Impacts Your External Experience

Living in a bad environment doesn't mean living in the poorest country. It means how the people around you treat you according to their own negative perceptions of how they view society. Searching and finding answers on how to alter your mind - "to be positive" is never easy.

How To Think Positive
How Daily Affirmations Can Change Your Life?

Today, I am worthy of anything I desire to be, have, and do. - This is what I tell to myself when I wake up in the morning. Indeed, a powerful affirmation to feel good and start my day right. What about you? What comes in to your mind when you wake up every morning?

How To Think Positive
Overcome Depression: The Gift Of Inner Power

Are you exhausted of being depressed? And it makes you more even depressed because you can't stop your habit of negative thinking. Last year, I met someone and we became good friends until now. She's pretty, smart, and fun to be with. Whenever we hang out together, we can't stop laughing and we just talk about anything.

How To Think Positive
Be Thankful For What You Have Now

The world has been teaching us to find what we think is missing in our lives. We must satisfy the human needs in order to survive and to live happy. People have different perception in life.

How To Think Positive
Stop Self-Criticism: 3 Steps to Overcome Your Negative Mind

I am ugly, I am not good at school, I am fat, and I am worthless. People hate me, people just see all my flaws, and people don't like me. And you are wrong! Because you are beautiful, you can be good at school, your body is fine, and your value is more than anything.

How To Think Positive
3 Easy Steps To Stop Worrying

"If you cannot help worrying, remember that worrying cannot help you either." How many times do you worry when you have a problem? I know everyone worries from time to time. What do you usually do when you worry? I bet that you think more and you do less.