Girish Krishna

Technical & Content writer, a poet, a traveller, an explorer...

Location icon India

A Content management specialist by profession, Girish currently manages an online knowledge base for a leading telecom corporation in the eastern world... Is that what I should be saying? Well, I'd say that's how I earn some dough for my bread and pay my bills.
I am more of a poet, an explorer, a traveler, a passionate writer and of course a collector of memories. I personally think that there is an enigmatic feeling of satisfaction when I read the best of my poems to get back in time and that feeling of satisfaction is enhanced to sweet contentment when a reader relates to and feels, what I felt while I wrote that.
Travelling to places, exploring locations, meeting new people and knowing their cultural lifestyle is among the best of my interests. I also love writing about the places I travel to and share my experiences along with useful inputs. Inputs one could use to get an idea of the whereabouts, availabilities and ‘must know’ information.
I'm an outdoor person by nature! I'm either trekking to heights or camping by a riverside or floating over waves on the beach side or on the highway heading for a long ride.
All in all....I live my life my way and try hard to not just survive.

Superior beings!

Superior beings are concluded as being greater than imagined possibilities, coz they absolutely are that kind... And that's because they know the art of converting their consciousness into enormous forms of energy, further commanding the consciousness to seek something that has never been known, has ever been seen, hear the never heard, feel the never...

Ride Solo to Explore

The start did not go about as planned and that's a pretty usual scenario. I hit the Bangalore - Mysore highway and decided to not take a break for at least the first 2 hours Initially I was forced to pause my travel every now and then due to rains that kept fluctuating with its pour.

The Morning's Glory!

I look at the splendour of morning dew's glory and continue to gaze with amaze, I surrender myself to the mesmerizing view of the early dawn's mist the creates this maze. My elbows that rests on the chilling grills of the window pane pays no heed to the freezing breeze, As he hides behind the...


Had not seen sleep for a while then. All I witnessed was suppressed emotions that erupt like a volcano creating a fountain filled with serenity, I was floating in the midst of positive energies, With those vibrations making me smile to a point of extremities. The time when my strings of gravity were completely loosened,...

In love with my nightmare!

I look above and see the sky turning grey from blue, The fear of darkness creeps in, fearing the nightmare that is due. The fear is not as terrorizing as it used to be a while ago, I have started to enjoy those cryptic images and what my dreams show.

Haunting Flames of Love

The flame of the candles perform their routine dance, Soft music in the background leaves me in a trance. I feel a soft touch on my shoulder so bare, And soon a soft blow through the back of my hai...