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Gina Badalaty is a former web designer specializing in blogging, content creation and SEO. She is skilled with many content systems, especially WordPress, search engine optimization, social media and brand representation. Her clients have included a large scale financial services firm, CVS All Kids Can, two automotive companies, a managed services provider, tax accounting firm, and numerous organic/green living blogs. She also has a background in social media, designing magazine websites, as well as work experience in publishing and media buying fields.

Is Seafood Safe? Investigation of Fish, Toxins & the Ocean

It's important to feed your family fish as part of a healthy diet, but how can you be sure that you are buying safe seafood? Today, I'll cover why you should eat fish, what the risks are and how to choose fish that you can safely feed your family.

How Responsive Classrooms Support Learning

My children attend a charter school that shifted to a different learning approach several years ago. School leaders were convinced that these new practices would enable them to achieve the school's mission of providing strong academics and an inclusive community in which all students received support. What did it choose?

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5 Blogger Tips for Surviving an Economic Recession

Right now, bloggers are talking about how the face of content is changing and how that will affect their blogs and blog income. New technologies may encourage brands to stop working with bloggers and find existing brand fans, paid in product, to spread the word. Companies are seeing a huge influx in individual blogger pitches.

Web Hosting Secret Revealed (WHSR)
How To Protect Yourself From Plagiarism Without Crossing The Line

Today, most bloggers understand that plagiarism is not acceptable. Unfortunately, there are influencers, bloggers and vloggers who believe that plagiarism is a form of flattery and use it to attract views and make sales. Just last week I watched a video with a script that was stolen word for word from another blogger's video.

5 Reasons Family Dinner Should Be a Priority

Dinnertime is very important to my family. We don't always get to the table at the same time but even then, we at least hold hands for grace. That said, most nights we do eat together at home. Eating out, however, is a different story. It started innocently enough.
Top 10 Resources Every Blogger Needs

Top 10 Resources Every Blogger Needs

How to Use Your Truck Hitch Properly

Your truck is a handy tool for heavy duty hauling jobs, but the power of your truck is only as good as the security of your hitch. Failing to install and use it properly can cause dangerous or even fatal accidents.

Insuring a Collector Car: What You Need to Know

Having a collector car may make you the envy of the neighborhood, but it will also make you the envy of thieves. Not only that, but your hard work and investment can be susceptible to damage from a myriad of unforeseen problems. A comprehensive insurance plan is something you must invest in, but unlike your regular car, your collector car will require you to make special considerations when insuring it.

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