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Gillian Rabin

Playwright. Copywright. Writewright.

Location icon United States

I was raised on Florida oranges, but followed my heart towards Georgia peaches.

My passion is for telling stories that are rarely told; giving voices to those who have been silenced; creating paths for those who are lost; fostering understanding for those who are confused; and engaging empathy within those who have yet to try on a different shoe.

Oglethorpe University Honors Program
To Be Determined

A play exploring and explaining the enigmatic and stigmatized subject of eating disorders.

Oglethorpe University Communications
Oglethorpe Arts Tweets

Creative and compelling content developed to engage and excite students, staff, and surrounding community members about the arts at Oglethorpe University.

Oglethorpe University Communications
#Anxiety, #Depression

A feature news story investigating the impact of anxiety and depression on students.

The Odyssey Online
Disney Princes: The Good, the Bad, and the "Eh"

I can still remember watching Disney Princess movies as a little girl, mesmerized by the beautiful women with the angelic voices triumphing against all odds to conquer evil and secure her one, true love. The princes were always handsome, caring, valiant, gallant, and would lay down their lives for a girl whom they may have only seen once.

Stormy Petrel
Love Is All You Need

A journalistic piece on the election of Trump in 2016, its effects on the students of and the community at Oglethorpe University, and the group of students determined to have their voices heard.

Quik Threads
Email Outline

An outline to serve as the basis for Quik Thread's communication with both auditioned and hired models.

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