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Brooklyn-Based Writer and Editor

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The NYC Glossary: 38 New York Words to Learn

In New York City, talking the talk is a key part of walking the walk. And sounding like a New Yorker isn't about quoting Midnight Cowboy or imitating Linda Richman's accent. It's about the language New Yorkers use-efficient, with lots of abbreviations.

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14 Reasons to Look Forward to Spring in NYC 🔜

Why Spring in NYC Will Be Awesome Beachfront rides, Broadway shows and a dramatic bookstore revival-plus even more fun stuff-add up to an amazing new season in the City. How Well Do You Know NYC's Five Boroughs? So you think you know New York City?

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The Future of Dining: 10 Ways the Food World Is Changing

We give you a glimpse into the future of food, from test-tube burgers, to robo-baristas, to 3D printed snacks. As a society, we're obsessed with food trends, new restaurants, and what's hot right now in the dining scene-but do we know what the future of food looks like?

NYC Filming Locations for Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens

Awkwafina is Nora from Queens-and not just on TV. Before her Golden Globe win and viral rap career, the multihyphenate was simply Nora Lum, born and raised in the borough's Forest Hills neighborhood. Now the NYC native is telling her story (or something close to it) by starring as Nora Lin in a new Comedy Central series, officially titled Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens.

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Chefs' Recommendations for NYC Restaurant Week®

Summer Restaurant Week is prime time to expand your dining horizons, score a sought-after table or take a break from takeout (or all of the above). With more than 370 restaurants participating in this dining celebration, there are just as many directions in which your appetite could lead you.

Standing Out from the Crowd: Pride at Jacob Riis Park

Yael Malka is a Bronx native and Brooklyn-based photographer whose work has appeared in The New York Times, New York magazine and Vice. Her photographs, which portray individuals in their routines and surroundings, are known for their intimate nature.

Best Hidden Speakeasy Bars in NYC

You probably weren't around during Prohibition, when speakeasies were essential for New Yorkers looking to throw one back. Though we in NYC may not need secret bars any more, that doesn't mean the rush of walking up a secret staircase or knocking on an unmarked door is obsolete.

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What Do Winter Olympic Athletes Eat?

The proper diet is an integral part of Olympians' day-to-day training schedules, and they manage their food intake with as much precision as their workouts. Fierce competitors like Shaun White and Lolo Jones keep healthy, protein-rich snacks in tow before going to battle, but each sport has its specific requirements for weight, strength, and energy.