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George Bolzoni has established a professional career in health and fitness as a fitness trainer with his own personal training program called George Bolzoni Fitness. Previously, he worked at LA Fitness.

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Trying to lose weight can be a discouraging challenge. The task can quickly become overwhelming if you're not certain of where you should start. Some people may think that the more complex the diet, the sooner they'll see results. I tend to disagree with this sentiment.

How Running Benefits Your Health | George Bolzoni

Fitness Instructor and Trainer George Bolzoni explains the many benefits of running for your mental and physical health including building upon core muscles, developing a healthier heart, and expanding upon creativity and strength of mind to decrease stress and increase energy and positivity.

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I am a Fitness Trainer in New York. I am passionate about helping people learn to navigate the road to a healthy and fit lifestyle. I know there is a lot of information out there and not everything works for all people.

George Bolzoni | Fitness

George Bolzoni is the owner of George Bolzoni Fitness where he offers customized training programs for clients looking to improve their health & fitness. Focusing on physical & mental strength as well as nutritional health he inspires clients to constantly improve and strive towards new challenging fitness goals.

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George Bolzoni wants you to know great nutrition can benefit mental health Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, let's talk about how a balanced and nutritious diet can improve your mental health. First off...

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George Bolzoni has dedicated to pursuing health and fitness endeavors both in his professional career and personal life. As a nutrition and ...

George Bolzoni

Now that he has graduated from College, George Bolzoni has decided to start his own fitness company in the New York City area. He wants to help others find the same passion for fitness that he has always had.

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George Bolzoni enjoys reading books about health, fitness and sports. He also enjoys reading biographies about sport figures and sharing what he learns with others. George welcomes you to check out his book recommendations and learn about his favorite authors.

George Bolzoni Fitness Training

George Bolzoni is a health and fitness trainer in the New York City area. He is pursuing a career in the fitness industry. He has a passion for helping others and will listen to your concerns and will work with you to get you on a fitness and nutrition program that will work best for your fitness needs.

George Bolzoni | Fitness

George Bolzoni is a fitness trainer in the New York City area. He has a BA in physical fitness and nutrition and has a passion to help others achieve their fitness goals. George Bolzoni will come to you and help you make a fitness plan that works for your specific needs whether it is at home, work or the gym.

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