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* Create blog posts and other marketing copy for small businesses
* Serial entrepreneur based in Berlin, Germany
* Master's degree in German and French from Cambridge University


Sales blog

Narcissism: The Biggest Reason Your Sales Emails Fail

Contrary to what you might expect, sales emails should not be all about you and your company. Instead, you should put your prospective customers front-and-center when you plan a new campaign: What do they care about? What are their problems, and how can you solve them? How can you add value to their business? While many people believe that a great sales email should be all about pushing an incredible offer or bragging about their product or service, cold emailing another business...

Business blog

The Future Of Email: Is There Anything Better?

For many of us, email is a frustrating necessity of life. For others, like John Pavlus of Fast Company, 'email is the most reviled personal technology ever.' In a hilariously pointed article, Pavlus quotes Don Norman, author of the book The Design Of Everyday Things, as saying that the email is 'the office memo turned cancerous, extended to home and everyday life'.

Tech blog

Das Keyboard
The Future of Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual Reality is the hot trend in tech at the moment. Everyone from Sony to Google have jumped into the VR market, and a handful of new products are expected to hit shelves within the year. With all of the hype, it’s undeniable that Virtual Reality is about to have a major impact on the way we game. So far, it has focused largely on RPGs and Simulation games, but new styles of VR gaming are added every single month. Games like The Climb are introducing a whole new style of gameplay with...

Health blog

Dr Amy Luedemann
Kidstown Dental

Today I want to talk about how lasers can be used for pediatric dental procedures like fillings. Lasers are not a new kind of dental technology, but they are still expensive enough that not many dental schools or residencies can afford to train students to use them. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I used to be terrified of going to the dentist, and so I have always loved to find out about treatments which are available. If something can make the dentistry experience better for children,...

Product description

The 3D Printer Guy
Big Builder Dual-Feed 3D Printer

The Builder Dual-Feed Printer is capable of working with different materials and colors while printing with only one nozzle. This unique system eliminates disadvantages of working with two nozzles, such as leaking. This printer is aimed at advanced users who already have some experience of 3D printing.

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Owning a home would be easy if pipes never leaked, systems never failed, and the temperature was always just right. With so many moving pieces and parts, the need for repairs is unavoidable. While a repair plan won't prevent things from going wrong, it's the best tool a homeowner can have to protect themselves from costly plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical repairs.

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