Peyton Gallovich

News Producer -- Innovator -- [email protected]

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I am a producer, an innovator, a Walter Cronkite School of Journalism graduate and a go-getter.

I work for the NBC affiliate in Tulsa, Oklahoma where I work as an AP on the nightside newscasts and routinely take over full shows as needed. I have been given an immense amount of responsibility immediately after college because of the six internships I completed while in school. It gave me the experience I needed to be fully prepared for anything that was thrown at me.

During my last three years of college I became the founder and CEO of an award-winning news outlet that incorporated American Sign Language Spoken English, and captions.

Today, I am seeking work as a news producer at a station that embodies team work, innovation and excellent news gathering.


Most Recent Content

KJRH 2 Works for You (NBC - Scripps)
Storm Recovery

The first tornadoes of the year landed around 8 the night before the morning show. This meant we were the first show to talk to people after damage that wound up causing road closures and closing schools. I came in early to schedule phoners and in house interviews.

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Deaf and Hearing Network
Website -- Founder/CEO

DHN is a news agency that incorporates American Sign Language, spoken English and captions into each production.

Deaf and Hearing Network
Newscast - Founder/CEO

Pilot newscast for distribution into 22.4 million homes with Comcast cable network.

Award Winning Content

Deaf and Hearing Network
2015 Student Emmy Awards: General Assignment

Jonathan Lamberton was accused of pretending to interpret a press conference in New York about Ebola. We sat down with him to discuss how he is actually certified as a Deaf interpreter and why people mistakenly thought he was making it up.

Deaf and Hearing Network
2015 Gracie's Award: Outstanding News Producer/Newscast

Mark Villaver doesn't sign but he and his mom, Emilia, can always connect through dance. We sat down with Mark in California and his mom in Hawaii to discuss their love of dance and why they went viral. Let's Connect: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @DHN_News Instagram: @DHNnews

Deaf and Hearing Network
2015 Gracie's Award: Outstanding News Producer/Newscast

Sign to Sign just launched a new campaign for marriage equality. But instead of signatures, they are collecting ASL signature videos. They are reaching out to Deaf and hearing people alike to get their message across.

Deaf and Hearing Network
2015 Student Emmy Awards: General Newscast

We told about AAT's win against HUD in our first episode. One of the key players in the dispute was awarded by Tempe. Coffee may be connected to decreasing your risk of a serious disease... and this weekend was Phelps first meet back in Mesa.

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