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Morgan Garnsey is a content writer, video creator, social media expert and webmaster located in Sydney with dreams of America. Since graduating from a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) at the University of Sydney majoring in Film Studies and Digital Cultures, he has worked part-time and freelanced at multiple online publications, while enjoying his newfound freedom in the evenings to manage his pop culture-centred website #PopHatesFlops and binge watch entire seasons of Game of Thrones at leisure.



"I Don't Know Her": The Untold Story Behind the Mariah & J. Lo Feud

"I don't know her." It was the throwaway sentence - delivered with seeming sincerity, a simpering smile and an innocent nod of the head that was either sarcastic or supportive depending on interpretation - that went on to become one of the Internet's first real memes.

Five Albums To Look Forward To In 2019

With more music at our fingertips than ever before, one of the biggest challenges an artist can have is to truly build intrigue around their new project. It's a challenge that's made even more difficult the longer this hype has to be sustained for - which, depending on record label scheming or personal dramas, can range anywhere from weeks to years.

Five reasons why Final Fantasy XV is a letdown

I'll start this off by admitting, straight up, that I haven't yet completed Final Fantasy XV, the long-awaited fifteenth title in the main series of the legendary Final Fantasy franchise. Unlike some of the Square Enix superfans in Japan who've completed the entire game in one sitting over the course...

15 Ways Skyrim RUINED The RPG Genre

Since its release back in 2011, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has undeniably revolutionized the RPG genre, revitalizing a type of gameplay that had fallen out of popularity in gaming circles back in the early noughties. Not since the days of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, or Final Fantasy VII had an RPG been such a huge international phenomenon.


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