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The challenge of eliminating corruption from Indonesia

Long hours and a lot of pressure. That's a fact of life for Laode Syarif ( PhD (Law) '08), who is one of only five anti-corruption commissioners in Indonesia's Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (Corruption Eradication Commission), or KPK. "It is a very dangerous job," Syarif says.

Xi Jinping Thought, beaming live tonight

American broadcaster Edward Murrow, lamenting the viewing habits of the population in the 1950s, paraphrased Karl Marx: "If television and radio are to be used to entertain all of the people all of the time, then we have come perilously close to discovering the real opiate of the people."

The women taking on spycams in South Korea

One recent Saturday in August, in the middle of a heatwave with the temperature hitting 35 degrees, 70,000 women gathered in the streets of Seoul. The numbers were unprecedented, but the action wasn't. They have been staging regular rallies since May, in what has been called the biggest recorded women's movement in South Korea's history.

Trump and the rebirth of satire

When Donald Trump was elected US President, many pronounced satire dead. The twitter hashtag #nottheonion, a reference to the satirical news website, grew more common with every outlandish tweet and unpredictable decision from America's new leader. But to paraphrase one of the country's most revered authors, Mark Twain, rumours of satire's death proved grossly exaggerated.

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